A Sneak Peek of the G7 Dinner with World Leaders at Eden Project – –

A Sneak Peek of the G7 Dinner with World Leaders at Eden Project – –

French President Emmanuel Macron walks with US President Joe Biden in Carbis Bay, England on June 11. Patrick Semansky / AFP / Pool / Getty Images

US President Joe Biden appeared relaxed when he arrived at the G7 summit alongside his wife on Friday. In a light drizzle, Jill Biden compared the meeting to a wedding.

Later, as the leaders emerged in packs from the resort where the summit is being held, the group grinned broadly alongside Biden as they walked over to their traditional “family photo” before the first session.

Returning indoors, Biden walked arm in arm with French President Emmanuel Macron – who hosted the last in-person G7 meeting on the Atlantic coast in 2019, which in part turned into an argument led by former US President Donald Trump on whether to allow Russia to join the group.

Macron and Biden ended up walking in each other’s arms so slowly that other leaders, including Canadian Justin Trudeau, had to circle them to enter.

As the afternoon progressed, Biden held a “sidelong” meeting with Macron, which onlookers described as intense but collegial. They met more formally on Saturday.

Macron’s 2019 summit in Biarritz was the third G7 Trump attended, and the third to show serious tensions with other world leaders.

At his first G7 summit, held on a cliffside in Sicily, his fellow leaders all pushed Trump to stay in the Paris climate agreement. Aides said he felt in league and announced an American withdrawal from the pact a few months later.

Signs that the 45th president wasn’t exactly fitting in were commonplace. As other leaders strolled around the summit venue for a photoshoot, Trump got into a golf cart separately.

The following year, Trudeau’s G7 summit in the woods of northern Quebec ended in disarray after Trump, who left early, announced from his departure flight that he was withdrawing his signature from the final declaration. .

He told reporters before his departure that his relationship with G7 leaders was “10 out of 10,” and scoffed at suggestions he was more looking forward to his next engagement, with North Korean Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

But the images of this summit of a scowling Trump, arms folded, pressed by leaders, including Merkel, on the summit press release have become iconic images of an isolated US president.

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