A Quiet Place Part II crosses $ 100 million at the box office – –

A Quiet Place Part II crosses $ 100 million at the box office – –

A Quiet Place, Part II broke the $ 100 million mark at the domestic box office. This makes it the first post-pandemic film to achieve this goal. It’s no wonder Paramount Pictures has decided to give the green light to a spin-off. The sequel reaches this milestone by competing with the newcomer In the heights, the film based on Hamilton The first Broadway musical from creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, for the # 1 spot this weekend. A Quiet Place, Part II grossed $ 3.7 million from 3,515 locations on Friday. The film is set to earn $ 11.4 million over the weekend, which would bring its national total to $ 108 million. The film is already available for pre-order on Blu-ray.

A Quiet Place, Part II was one of the first films affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Now that it’s in theaters, the film has received a warm reception from critics. ComicBook.withCharlie Ridgley gives it a rating of four out of five:

“The great performance and brilliant sound design of A Quiet Place, Part II are all in the service of Krasinski’s vision, the same one he had as the first film approached. There was obviously a temptation to spend two hours building a world or explaining where the creatures came from. It would have been easy to move the whole thing to a bigger city, bring in a horde of new faces, and try to scare every corner. But Krasinski remained focused on one thing: the story of the Abbots. And what a great story it is. “

Even before the spin-off got the nod, star Emily Blunt said a third A quiet place film was a strong possibility. It depends on where writer / director John Krasinski decides to take the franchise.

« [Krasinski] has a whole host of ideas that might work. I think he just wanted to see how people reacted to this one before fully engaging his brain on the third. But he has some great ideas, ”Blunt said recently. Collider.

Krasinski had previously been reluctant to commit too much. “I didn’t hear from the studio that they wanted a third,” he said. Film total. “But the good news is that the studio and I are on the same page in that this isn’t one of those franchises where we keep pumping them if they make any money. I think we’ve proven that it’s an original idea that’s really loved by people in a way that… I don’t want to break that promise to people. “

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. A Quiet Place, Part II is now playing in theaters.


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