7-Eleven is giving away free slurpees next month and I’m worried – –

7-Eleven is giving away free slurpees next month and I’m worried – –

7-Eleven is giving away its signature frozen drink in July to celebrate its 94th birthday.

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A a different time calls for a different kind of birthday celebration, even for a huge convenience store chain turning 94.

7-Eleven has made a tradition to celebrate his unofficial birthday on July 11 (7-11, you get it?) by giving away free Slurpees to everyone who comes in and calling it a party. But for the second year in a row, the company is extending the promotion to all of July.

To prevent people from crowding around Slurpee machines on a single day in the middle of a pandemic, anyone registered on the 7Rewards loyalty app will receive a coupon for a small free Slurpee added to their account, which can be used at any time in July.

The company took the same approach for 7-Eleven Day last year, but they were offering an average Slurpee at the time, so I’m guessing inflation is getting real?

Nectar of the gods?

Johanna DeBiase

As someone who has openly admitted to having some … problems with convenience stores (OK, it’s more of an obsession) I have mixed feelings about this development. The 7-Elevens of the Denver metro area are where my lifelong obsession first germinated, and of course, that was the Slurpee in the beginning.

But as an adult I developed a real aversion to sweet corn syrup products and currently live several miles from the nearest convenience store and a full two hours from the nearest genuine 7-Eleven Slurpee machine. . I no longer make several unnecessary trips to the convenience store a day and my diet is better adapted.

As a result, I never took advantage of a 7-Eleven Day. But with a full month to find my way to one of the stores to get that overly sweet, brain-freezing holy nectar, I may soon be seeing again the obsession I thought I had finally escaped.

Of course, I could always take advantage of his offer to have my free little Slurpee delivered to me on 7-Eleven Day Anniversary Weekend (July 10-11).

Then again, I’m not sure if going from an obsession with convenience stores to a habit of delivering to convenience stores is going in the right direction. A telecommuting writer working during a pandemic must have some social interaction in some way.

See you next month, 7-Eleven. If you see me there make sure it’s my first convenience store visit of the day.


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