22 electric vehicle chargers arrive at BC Southern Interior – Kelowna News – .

22 electric vehicle chargers arrive at BC Southern Interior – Kelowna News – .

Madison Erhardt

The federal and provincial governments and FortisBC have teamed up to fund 22 new electric vehicle fast chargers in the southern interior of British Columbia.

“Everywhere from Kelowna to Creston to Christina Lake. From Penticton to Princeton, from Nelson to Naramata. Each loader located was British Columbians Live Work and Play. All will be operational by the end of this year. includes the federal contribution of $ 1.1 million, ”Fleetwood MP Ken Hardie said in an announcement Wednesday.

Federal funding for the project comes from a program that supports the government’s goal of ensuring that all new passenger vehicles sold in Canada are zero-emission vehicles by 2040.

The government is also offering incentives of up to $ 5,000 to Canadian consumers for the purchase of electric vehicles and full tax deductions for businesses that purchase them.

“The demand for electric vehicles is high. British Columbia is leading the country in the transition to electric vehicles with more than 60,000 light electric vehicles on the road today. With an increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, we are investing in the infrastructure necessary to support electric vehicle drivers while moving towards our unique BC goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ”Bruce Ralston, British Columbia Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation.

At the moment, it is not known how the 22 chargers will be distributed in the region.


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