WrestleMania was the best time of my life –

WrestleMania was the best time of my life – fr

AT Bad bunny, competing at WrestleMania was bigger than the Grammys for him and the musician told LeBron James and Jay-Z the same.

Bad Bunny was a recent guest at LeBron’s The Shop and pulled the breeze with the NBA star along with Jay-Z and James’ longtime manager Maverick Carter. Carter asked Bunny the question often asked of wrestlers and his fans: is it true or is it not?

” That is true. It is 100% real. No, this is insane, ”Bunny said. “When it was like learning the first few days, they teach you how to fall, the bumps. Bunny does a light pantomime taking a bump.

“I said, ‘How can these people do this for 20, 30 years. The Undertaker, Triple H for many years receiving this pain, it’s crazy. It’s crazy, but I love it. He was asked how he got into wrestling and like many, it was through family.

“I was watching with my dad, my friends, my brother. “

“I was heavy in the fight, I was heavy,” said LeBron.

“Definitely bigger than the Super Bowl,” Jay-Z said, referring to Bunny’s time at WrestleMania 37.

“More than the Grammy’s, it was the best time of my life,” Bunny added before commenting on how long he trained.

” Three months. I moved to Orlando for three months. Training every day, every day, I didn’t record any songs.

“Have you moved to Orlando?” I don’t want to visit Orlando, ”Carter joked. LeBron added that there would be no way he would move or be traded at his NBA affiliate, The Magic.

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