World War III Warning: China Will Attract “EVERYBODY” with “Dangerous and Nasty Spit” With Australia | World

World War III Warning: China Will Attract “EVERYBODY” with “Dangerous and Nasty Spit” With Australia | World

Political commentator and author Gordon Chang has warned of a World War III conflict due to the deterioration of international relations with China. In an interview with, Mr Chang insisted that China was causing problems around the world. He noted that this was causing tensions to rise with countries like India, China, Japan and Taiwan with aggressive military action.

Mr. Chang warned that it could escalate quickly and cause mass conflict.
Mr. Chang said, “Anything can escalate tensions between China and any of its neighbors or any nation in the world.

“China is now adopting increasingly provocative and dangerous behavior.

“It’s going to attract everyone in all likelihood.

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“This is largely because countries are concerned and they are starting to act together to protect themselves.”
Mr. Chang pointed to the many nations that China is pressuring with its actions.

He said, “This is how this thing can spread and yes, right now Beijing has a particularly nasty argument with Canberra.

“But he also has his troops deep in Indian territory, he flies his planes through the Taiwan air defense zone.

Australia has a strong relationship with Taiwan and supports the country’s independence from mainland China.

In response, Beijing state media threatened to hit Canberra military bases as “punishment” for their support for Taiwan.

Hu Xijin, editor of Chinese state media, The Global Times, said, “I suggest that China make a plan to impose retaliatory sanctions against Australia once it militarily interferes in the trans situation. -strait.

“The plan should include long-range strikes on military installations and relevant key installations on Australian soil if it actually sends its troops to China’s offshore areas and fight against the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). “


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