Woman in viral TikTok video “could be a girl who went missing 20 years ago” – fr

Woman in viral TikTok video “could be a girl who went missing 20 years ago” – fr

Sofia Juarez has been missing since 2003, when she was four, but police believe a woman captured on TikTok could be her (Photo: Oscar Zazueta)

A woman who appeared in a viral TikTok video could be a girl who was abducted in her hometown nearly 20 years ago, police say.

Sofia Juarez was four years old when she went missing in February 2003 from Kennewick, Washington, United States.

She has not been seen or heard from since, but detectives are now trying to locate a woman who appeared in an online video who said she was kidnapped.

The clip was filmed by journalist Oscar Zazueta in a plaza in Culiacan, Mexico. He asks the woman what she thinks of her next birthday.

“I’m not happy, because I have a lot of things on my mind,” she replies in Spanish.

“In all honesty, I don’t like my birthday. It shocks me every time I get another one.

“I want to say hello to my aunt and my girl. And I want them to come get me, because I was kidnapped.

She added: “I hope they will come for me. Because in reality, I don’t know where I’m from – here or there.

Police have been searching for Sofia for almost 20 years

Lt. Aaron Clem, a spokesperson for the Kennewick Police Department, said he wants to speak to the woman in the hopes that he can finally solve a case that has haunted the area for decades.

“This is one of those cases where everyone in our community knows exactly what they were doing when she disappeared,” said Clem, who has worked in the department for 25 years.

Lt. Clem told NBC News on Friday, “The ultimate goal is to have her identified and to voluntarily give her a DNA sample. There is enough stuff out there that we have to do our due diligence ”.

The police department re-appealed a month ago to spark new interest in Sofia’s case and said it had received around 100 tips.

The woman has not been seen in the square recently (Photo: Oscar Zazueta)

After being contacted by the police, Mr. Zazueta returned to the square and filmed himself asking residents if they had seen the woman.

Although many recognized her photo, most said they had not seen it for over a month.

In their call for witnesses, police said Sofia was last seen playing in her room at home on February 4, 2003.

She has been described as “a beacon of the sun who has been robbed of a brilliant and innocent life.”

“Her family, friends and community have lived under a dark cloud since she was taken from us,” the website says. “Sofia was, and still is, loved by all who knew her.

Sofia’s mother in Kennewick is believed to have passed away a few years ago without ever knowing what happened to her daughter.

Asked what resolving the case would mean, Lt Clem said, “It would be amazing. It would be great for the family and great for the community. Everyone can’t wait for her to come home.

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