With Trump’s great tale, Macron plays young French voters – fr

With Trump’s great tale, Macron plays young French voters – fr

THE PECQ – True or false: when he was US president, Donald Trump called French leader Emmanuel Macron from the White House to wish him a happy birthday, but was wrong.

With great pleasure and a straight face, the French president told this story in a YouTube video that quickly went viral on Sunday.

Touring the French Presidential Palace with two of France’s most popular YouTube stars, the half hour of jokes, great storytelling and a grungy rendition of “La Marseillaise” by heavy metal band “Ultra Vomit” represented the effort Macron’s most daring to date. courting young voters.

Macron, 43, has yet to say whether he will seek re-election in the presidential poll next year. But one of the takeaways from his playful ‘anecdote contest’ with YouTubers Mcfly and Carlito was that under the suit and tie and buttoned up adornments of his desk, the youngest French president remains a political risk taker who is still excited and sees electoral capital by shaking up the French establishment and its standards.

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Most certainly, he is the first French president to say “oh, shit” – shit – and another nasty word in a YouTube video that racked up 4 million views in eight hours.

His anecdote about Trump calling him on a secure line in 2018 to wish him a happy birthday but on a bad day turned out to be a lie and was correctly identified as such by Carlito. Seeing Macron bend the truth so comfortably, even jokingly, was revealing. The dude – on the strength of this so hip video, it seems good to call Macron that – is a convincing white liar.

“My birthday is December 21, and it was December 19,” Macron said, looking YouTubers directly in the eye. “He said, ‘I know it’s today’, et cetera. I said “Thank you” and pretended everything was fine. I couldn’t say, “It’s in two days.” ”

The fact that Macron called football megastar Kylian Mbappé on his cellphone during the show probably won the most interesting points from the YouTuber audience of 6.5 million subscribers. The World Cup winner is extremely popular in France. The multitude of fans of the icon will have been amazed, as were Mcfly and Carlito, that Macron was able to reach Mbappé so easily, to get the Paris Saint-Germain player to save another of his anecdotes.

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This story has also proven to be false. Macron claimed that Mbappé would soon leave PSG for his rival Marseille, the favorite team of the French leader. He called the player and put him on speakerphone to confirm the scoop.

Mbappé refused to play ball.

“Impossible to go to Marseille,” the player told Macron, cutting down his story.

Awarded one point for each anecdote correctly identified as true or false, Macron and the YouTubing duo were tied with four points each.

This means that both parties must now complete the challenges they entered into at the start of the show.

For Mcfly and Carlito, it means a breathtaking ride with the French Air Force’s formation flight team, the Patrouille de France.

For Macron, he promised that in a future televised address to the nation, he would put pictures of the YouTubers on his desk next to him.

A small price to pay if the coup seduces young voters.

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