Will France be included on the green list for summer holidays? – fr

Will France be included on the green list for summer holidays? – fr

BORIS Johnson is expected to announce which countries will be on the ‘green list’ from May 17 and is expected to reveal where Britons can go on vacation later this week.
Only Green List countries will be unrestricted – Amber and Red List countries will still require Britons to be quarantined when they return to the UK.

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France is highly unlikely to be on the UK’s green list this monthCredit: AP

The destinations likely to be on the green list, due to the low number of Covid cases and the strong deployment of vaccines, are Malta, Gibraltar, Iceland and Israel.

Portugal is set to be put on Britain’s green list, but it’s not definitive – a No 10 insider says the country will go green ‘soon’ even if more is missing late this week.

However, France is highly unlikely to be on the green list this month as the country remains locked down, although restrictions on schools and short-distance travel have been lifted.

Last month, France reported nearly 61,000 new cases daily, as the vaccine rollout is only 23% of the population having received the first vaccine, compared to 51% in the UK.

Travelers from Amber List countries will need to quarantine themselves at home for 10 days on arrival and pass three tests – one before arrival and two after.


France could be added to the green list by next month
The country still enforces some lockdown restrictionsCredit: EPA

Popular destinations such as Spain, Greece and France are penciled by Downing Street to be added to the green list by the end of June, the Telegraph reports.

However, it depends on the vaccine rollout and the Covid situation in France, as well as the threat of Covid variants in the country.

The country has already said it hopes to welcome vaccinated tourists from June, including from the UK.

Other destinations have already said they want the British to return – Spain and Cyprus will welcome vaccinated Britons from June, while Portugal will restart tourism from mid-May.

Greece is already welcoming vaccinated Britons and will allow tourists to use their NHS vaccination cards as proof.

Although Spain and Greece are also likely not to be on the list, the Foreign Office today removed its travel warnings for some Greek and Spanish islands – suggesting that they may soon welcome back the British tourists before the mainland.

The Greek islands of Corfu, Crete, Kos, Rhodes and Zakynthos, as well as the Canary Islands in Spain, have all their modified travel tips on the Foreign Ministry website.

Brits said not to book overseas vacations yet as government will be “careful” with green list


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