Why is the most vaccinated country in the world struggling with a huge rate of Covid cases? –

Why is the most vaccinated country in the world struggling with a huge rate of Covid cases? – fr

“The islands remain safe for travel, despite an increase in community cases of Covid-19 which prompted stricter health measures this week,” said Seychelles Tourist Board General Manager Ms. Sherin Francis, adding that since the country reopened its borders with all countries at the end of March, all tourism service providers and businesses have adopted strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) and 587 of the 720 tourist accommodation establishments are Covid-safe certified.

“We are constantly improving and strengthening the security measures and protocols in place to protect our customers and the local population,” she said.

Murray Collins, director of Blue Safari Seychelles, was less inclined to mince words. “The lack of in-depth media reporting and scare for travel to Seychelles is despicable and has a detrimental effect on tourism and the country’s overall economy,” he told Telegraph Travel, noting that the UK is a key market.

“The peak of positive Covid-19 cases in Seychelles comes from people who have not been vaccinated or from people with co-morbidities. The majority of news sources just focus on increasing the numbers and not on the big picture. Given the small population size in Seychelles, any increase in the number will be reported per capita, which proportionately produces a much higher figure compared to a country with a higher population, such as the UK. This translates into a distorted overall percentage which has led the UK government to keep Seychelles on the red list and which is simply disastrous.

Interestingly, it’s a very similar story to the Maldives, a competing honeymoon destination in Southeast Asia where, again, its vaccine drive has been impressive – 71% of the population has been stung once and 35 % twice. It even plans to offer foreign visitors a vaccine as part of a program dubbed “3V Tourism: Visit, Vaccination, Vacation” later this year. However, the Maldives also has a high seven-day case rate of 1,780 per 100,000 citizens; up 11% from last week. In total, he recorded 120 deaths.


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