When can I spend the night with my family? Date on which overnight stays will be allowed in England after the lockdown – fr

When can I spend the night with my family? Date on which overnight stays will be allowed in England after the lockdown – fr

England is gradually and cautiously coming out of its Covid lockdown as part of Boris Johnson’s roadmap.

The prime minister’s plan to ease restrictions included dates for reopening shops and hospitality, and changes to measures on travel and socializing.

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Many of these rules have already been relaxed, but people are still waiting for the green light to spend the night with friends and family.
At the moment, no one in England can meet someone outside their home or their support bubble inside (Shutterstock)
Mr Johnson’s dates also depend on the continued success of the vaccination program and infection rates in the country.
So when will you be able to stay with someone again?
Here’s all you need to know.

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What are the current rules of socialization?

Right now, no one in England can meet anyone outside of their home or their supportive bubble inside.
Outdoors, the rules are slightly different, with people meeting up to six other people to socialize or exercise.
And some travel restrictions were also relaxed from April 12, with overnight stays away from home allowed in self-contained accommodation for the same households.

When will overnight stays be authorized?

Guidelines for staying overnight are expected to change from May 17, when the national tourism industry is slated to reopen – including hotels and bed and breakfasts.
This is at the same time that cinemas, indoor restaurants and pubs could reopen, along with large crowds allowed at sports venues and shows.
However, there will always be restrictions on how many people can mix.
Current government guidelines state: “Indoors, the six or two household rule will apply – we will continue to examine whether it is safe to increase that.”
So from that date you may be able to spend the night with up to five other people outside your household or with another household of any size.
Another date of June 21 is in place for the reopening of the last sectors of the economy, so it is possible that overnight stays for larger groups may be allowed from there.
As always, restrictions will only be relaxed in England if all four “tests” are met.
These focus on the advancement of vaccine deployment, vaccine efficacy, infection rates and the existence of new variants of the virus.


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