WhatsApp will become less and less useful if you do not agree to its new terms – fr

WhatsApp will become less and less useful if you do not agree to its new terms – fr

WhatsApp has clarified how it will handle the accounts of users who do not agree to its updated terms and policy. The information was published on the official website of the company.

For those who choose not to agree to the updated company terms, the app will continue to display a notification asking to accept. After a period of several weeks, users will see a persistent reminder.

Once users see a persistent reminder, the WhatsApp app will switch to a limited functionality mode. In this mode, users will not be able to access their discussion list. If they receive a chat, they will be able to open it through their notifications and respond to it as well. All incoming audio and video calls can also be received.

A few weeks later, the user will stop receiving all calls and messages.

WhatsApp doesn’t put an exact date on any of these events, giving a nebulous time frame for each state that will apparently vary depending on the user. Additionally, the relevance of the aforementioned May 15th date is no longer clear, other than the fact that users will still be able to agree to the terms and continue to use their app after that date.

WhatsApp has assured that it will not delete accounts. However, the app will become as good as it is useless after a few weeks if you don’t agree to the terms anyway.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp updated its terms of service and privacy policy. The changes described in this update have focused almost entirely on interacting with businesses on WhatsApp. The initial notification announcing these changes that appeared in the app was somewhat vague, which caused the internet, with its lack of reading comprehension and patience to read longer than a tweet, collectively lost focus. head.

The company has since spent a good chunk of the past two months educating users on what the new terms actually mean to them. It also relaxed its original May 15 deadline, when the app was supposed to be nerfed for those who chose not to agree to the new terms. However relaxed they may be, the company will eventually prevent you from fully using the app, even if the changes don’t necessarily affect you.



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