WhatsApp says won’t delete accounts rejecting new privacy policy – fr

WhatsApp says won’t delete accounts rejecting new privacy policy – fr

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging app shared a new post regarding its controversial privacy policy “ensuring” that they cannot see users’ personal messages and that they will not delete the account because users can accept messages. new conditions whenever they want.

The statement was sent via Twitter on May 15, when the update to the privacy policy and terms of service was due to go into effect.

In a very brief, almost sarcastic manner, the company said, “* Check the schedule. pours coffee *. OKAY. Let’s do this. No, we cannot see your personal messages. No, we will not delete your account. Yes, you can accept at any time. “

The company said earlier in January that it would continue with its controversial update to its privacy policy, but that it would allow users to read it at “their own pace” and also display a banner providing additional information.

In January, the messaging platform informed users that it was preparing a new privacy policy, under which it could share limited user data with Facebook and its group companies.

This sparked a global uproar and sent users to rival apps Telegram and Signal, among others, prompting WhatsApp to delay the launch of the new policy in May and to clarify that the update was aimed at allowing users to communicate with businesses and would not affect personal conversations. . The company also ran a damage control campaign to explain the changes it made to users.

WhatsApp has lost many users in Turkey to other messaging apps, especially the BiP home messaging platform. The app was developed by the mobile phone operator Turkcell.


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