what you can do from May 17 in England and Wales – fr

what you can do from May 17 in England and Wales – fr

Cuddling between households is allowed again from Monday, at least in England

The non-lockdown road hits a historic moment on Monday when Covid restrictions are further relaxed in England and Wales.

The pubs, which reopened last month for outside guests only, can allow people to wine and dine inside, while people can also go and stay with family and friends for the first time in months. .

Lots of changes are coming and some restrictions are still in place, so here is the latest news on what is allowed as of May 17th.

Indoor socialization in England will be permitted in other people’s homes in groups of six or a maximum of two households.

Overnight stays at someone else’s house will also be permitted, but with the same restrictions of no more than a party of six.

Physical contact between family and friends from other households should be allowed again in England, but with an emphasis on personal responsibility to ensure the protection of particularly vulnerable people.

People can meet outdoors in groups of no more than 30 people.

Wales Premier Mark Drakeford said the rules on cuddling remain unchanged and it is out of the question whether this person is not part of your extended household.

In England people of all ages count in the number of people who meet, but in Wales under 11s do not.

You can sit inside in a pub or restaurant from Monday

Hospitality inside will restart, with cafes, pubs and restaurants allowed to serve food and drink to customers inside for the first time since December. People will have to sit still and use table service only when ordering, but there will be no curfews or restrictions on alcohol service as was sometimes the case in the previous tier system.

Indoor entertainment, such as cinemas and museums, will reopen, as will indoor children’s play areas.

These rules apply in both England and Wales, meaning that six people from up to six households can reserve a table inside. The only difference is that under 11s do not count towards the six in Wales.

Indoor sports lessons and group competitions may resume in England.

Some larger indoor events, such as conferences, concerts, and sporting events, can be held with a maximum of 1,000 people or 50% of capacity, whichever is lower.

As for outdoor gatherings, other outdoor entertainment venues that have not yet reopened – including cinemas and open-air theaters – will be allowed to restart, as will outdoor events that may be reopened. accommodate up to 4000 people or 50% of the capacity.

A smaller number of larger stadium events, including Premier League football, will accommodate up to 10,000 guests or 25% of the seating capacity.

Only 12 countries are on the “green list”, which means that vacationers can visit them and not quarantine them on their return.

Accommodation, including hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts, can once again accommodate guests in England and Wales.

In England holiday accommodation can be used by groups of six people or two households.

Holidays abroad will be allowed for certain countries with low Covid rates. As of Monday, if you return to England from a country on the ‘green list’ after a holiday, you will not need to quarantine on arrival, neither at home nor at the hotel. But you will have to prove that you had a negative test result.

While you can travel to ‘green list’ countries from Wales without having to isolate yourself on your return, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford urges people not to go on vacation and to go abroad only if they really need it.

Marriage restrictions loosen again on May 17 in England and Wales

Weddings in England will be allowed to accommodate up to 30 people, in accordance with social distancing rules.

In Wales, wedding receptions and wake-ups count as organized indoor activities and organized outdoor activities allowed to accommodate up to 30 and 50 people respectively.

Funerals in England can accommodate as many people as the venue can safely accommodate with social distancing rules. Other events such as bar mitzvahs and baptisms can also take place.

Starting May 17, nursing home residents can receive up to five named visitors (two at a time), provided they test negative for Covid.

In Wales the rule remains that residents can have up to two named visitors.


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