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Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe star in “A Quiet Place Part II”.
Paramount Pictures
John Krasinski dazzled critics again.
The writer-director’s report on “A Quiet Place” from 2018 currently holds a 91% “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes according to 135 reviews.

“A Quiet Place Part II” is the long-awaited sequel to Krasinski’s directorial debut, which introduced moviegoers to a world in which deadly but blind creatures hunt based solely on sound. It is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The sequel, which picks up just after the events of the first film, follows the Abbott family as they search for a safe new home. But there are more dangers in the world than the deadly aliens, namely the other survivors.

Critics seem to agree that Krasinski was placed in a difficult position to keep up with the very famous debut opus of ‘A Quiet Place’. After all, the film had a poetic, albeit devastating, ending.

However, a worldwide box office draw of $ 340 million on a budget of just $ 17 million was an attractive draw for Paramount.

Krasinski managed to keep the emotional thread of the Abbott family throughout the sequel, while developing the universe of “A Quiet Place”.

His wife, actress Emily Blunt, returns as Evelyn Abbott, alongside deaf teenage actress Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott and a young English actor named Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott .

Here’s what critics thought of “A Quiet Place Part II” ahead of its theatrical release on Friday.

Kristy Puchko, riot gear

Krasinski’s new film is “an extremely chilling and satisfying sequel,” writes Kristy Puchko in her review for Riot Material.
“Frankly, it’s amazing how Krasinski evolved as a filmmaker,” she writes. “He creates sequences that will have the audience at the edge of their seats, while telling a deeply poignant story of family and loss. It’s no wonder he’s making comparisons to Spielberg’s debut. Because for all the top-notch scares and relentless tension this horror thriller has to offer, the most exhilarating elements are seeing how its characters develop. “

For Puchko, “A Quiet Place Part II” expands the world constructed in the first film, succeeding in providing reminders to its predecessor, but also in treading new ground.

“Benefiting from performances that have matured with her young leads, this fantastic follow-up does so with captivating confidence,” she wrote.

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Millicent Simmonds stars in “A Quiet Place Part II”.


Stephanie Zacharek, Time

For Time writer Stephanie Zacharek, the Krasinski sequel packed a lot more into the story than the first film, maybe too much.

« The film is cleverly conceived, well played and well designed, “she wrote.” But like everything else, he is determined to raise the bar, and therefore at a much higher stress level. He never lets go, which could be a lot of fun for some viewers, although his doggedness also makes him boring. “

Zacharek praised the company’s sound design, calling the film “complex and technically accomplished”.

The studio and Krasinski had insisted on keeping the film until it could hit theaters, instead of offering it on a streaming service. The result is an experience similar to that of the first film – a feeling of dread and suspense at the slightest noise on the screen or in the cinema.

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Chris Hewitt, Star Tribune

“I really liked the first ‘Quiet Place’ and I was skeptical that Krasinski could top it, but I’m here to scream loudly that he did,” Chris Hewitt wrote in his review of the film for Star Tribune.

Hewitt also noted that Krasinski used sound, or rather silence, to indicate that the film is moving towards Regan’s perspective. The director shows how Regan uses her deafness to her advantage as she battles the monsters.

“The films that studios kept for over a year, while they waited for theatrical releases to make sense, fell into a few categories: those with the kind of impact that required giant screens. The ones that were meant to be big hits. And those were fantastic. “A Quiet Place: Part II”, played exclusively in theaters, it’s the three, “he wrote.

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Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe star in “A Quiet Place Part II”.


Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

While “A Quiet Place Part II” may sound like “three-quarters of a very good movie cut from a whole,” Krasinski’s sequel is clever and resourceful, as are its characters, Leah Greenblatt said in her review for Entertainment Weekly.

“Once again, Krasinski manages to make tasks relatively simple – breastfeed a baby, tune a radio, walk in a train car – heartbreaking; dialogue, out of necessity, is rarely wasted and its actors feel much more sympathetically human and real than most meat – puppet horror chum, ”Greenblatt wrote.

Greenblatt noted that the movie ends quite abruptly, but the Fulfilled Worldbuilding suggests that it won’t be a one-off sequel, but the second film in a franchise.

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