What the Covid-19 crisis looks like in India –

What the Covid-19 crisis looks like in India – fr

Infections are skyrocketing. The dead too. Entire cities are blocked. And the government seems powerless to help.

India is in the throes of a coronavirus crisis. Experts agree that the spread is probably even worse than official statistics suggest. In many parts of the country, hospital beds, supplemental oxygen and other vital supplies are in short supply.

While Western countries roll out mass vaccination campaigns, only about 3 percent of India’s population are fully immunized. Although conditions are slowly improving in New Delhi and Mumbai, the virus appears to be spreading widely unchecked across the rest of the country.

The New York Times asked readers in India to describe their life amid the pandemic with words and photos. They wrote about fear and loss, anxiety and boredom. Some wrote of their anger at the Indian government’s stumbling response under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But they also wrote about the family and friends who helped them cope, and the efforts they made to help neighbors and strangers.


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