what do the local numbers show? –

what do the local numbers show? – fr

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 has increased in recent days, as the Indian variant of the coronavirus continues to spread in parts of the country.

According to Public Health England, hospital admissions have increased in some of the affected areas – but by how much and how current data on hospital admissions and patients compare to the kind of numbers seen earlier this year ?

Here is a summary of the latest figures for England at national and local level, based on analysis by the PA news agency.
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The bigger picture for England suggests that hospital admissions for Covid-19 are broadly stable, with no clear evidence of an upward trend.
A total of 88 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospitals in England on May 25, according to NHS England, up from 98 the day before.
The seven-day admissions average is also 88, down from 76 a week earlier.
But it remains below the level seen at the start of this month, when admissions averaged 95.
At the height of the second wave in January, daily admissions averaged 3,812.
Meanwhile, there were 742 patients hospitalized with Covid-19 at 8 a.m. on May 27: below the seven-day average of 757, and below the start-of-month average (1,261).
He is also well below the average at the peak of the second wave, which was 33,594.
HEALTH Coronavirus Hospitals / PA Graphics
Figures for England may mask trends at the local level – so what does the latest available data on individual hospital trusts show?
Of the 135 acute trusts that reported Covid-19 admissions data on May 23 and dealt with coronavirus cases at any time during the second wave of the virus, two-thirds of those trusts (66%, or 89) recorded no admissions.
This is slightly lower than the current seven-day average (90 out of 135 trusts in the week leading up to May 23).
But in early May, the seven-day average for zero admissions was 83 out of 135 trusts – and in early January it was just nine out of 135 trusts.
HEALTH Coronavirus Hospitals / PA graphics
The data also shows that 36 of 135 trusts (27%) had no admissions in the most recent week, while 23 (17%) had no admissions in the last fortnight.


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