What a British Airways flight between the UK and Portugal looks like, as overseas travel is permitted from May 17th – fr

What a British Airways flight between the UK and Portugal looks like, as overseas travel is permitted from May 17th – fr

Jonathan Swain of Good Morning Britain shows viewers what a British Airways flight from London to Lisbon looks like

As the British are allowed to fly to vacation, Jonathan Swain of Good Morning Britain gave viewers a glimpse of a British Airways plane with Covid restrictions.

The ITV correspondent boarded a flight from London to Lisbon on Monday, May 17, as lockdown restrictions have eased further with the reopening of many businesses, indoor socialization is again allowed and the Ban on travel abroad lifted for England and Wales.

However, there are Covid restrictions in place, with separate regulations for people coming from green, orange and red list countries.

With Portugal on the green list, Britons arriving from the country will not need to quarantine, and will only be required to take one coronavirus test after arrival.

Cost of coronavirus tests for person traveling to Portugal ‘well over £ 300’

Swain told GMB viewers that the cost of the tests could be “almost prohibitive” for a family of four traveling to Portugal.

He said: “The most important thing, although I have to say, is that to get on one of these flights you need a lot of preparation, a lot of expense up front.

“You have to pass three Covid tests. One before our flight was Friday. We have to do one when we arrive today. I need to book a video call with a nurse to make sure I take it.

“And then we have one when we land two days later. So that’s three tests in total, costing well over £ 300 and it’s just for one person.

“Imagine if you were a family of four – it suddenly becomes almost prohibitive, I think. “

He added that travelers must complete a passenger locator form for Portugal before checking in, and that there are documents that must be presented to BA before being allowed to check in.

Jonathan Swain shows viewers the economy section of the BA plane

According to BA, the air in planes is filtered and the seats are thoroughly disinfected before people take the flight. There are also hand sanitizing measures, Swain said.

British Airways CEO Sean Doyle said the filtration system, along with testing passengers and wearing masks, makes his planes “one of the safest places you can be”.

He explained, “The air quality in an airplane cabin is similar to that in an operating room. In fact, we replace the air every three minutes. So it’s a very safe environment. “

Showing viewers the business class section of the plane, Swain said people were seated with at least one seat space.

But in the economy section, passengers were seen seated side by side. Many passengers have been seen with their masks on, although they are allowed to take them off when eating or if they are exempt.

GMB presenter Adil Ray admitted that “it’s a little scary” to see “so many people together” but said: “If they all passed tests and like you say everything has been disinfected, so it’s about as safe as it gets ”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged people to ease the lockdown “With a strong dose of caution” as an Indian variant has been identified in the UK.

Mr Johnson said the government was watching the Indian variant closely.

Asked about the possibility of long lines at Heathrow Airport, airport CEO John Holland-Kaye said there had been queues of up to six hours these months, although this has been “unusual”.

Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland-Kaye Credit: ITV Good Morning Britain

He said these problems were due to the border forces not having enough officers on desks with all the new controls in place.

He responded to his concerns by saying, “The Head of the Border Force assured me that they now have the processes, the automation, the extra staff in place, to make sure that doesn’t happen and that we can get people across the border. quickly and easily. “

He explained that the checks for a negative test and the completion of the passenger locator form are now performed automatically and in advance, rather than by an individual agent.

Regarding the risk of people arriving from red, orange and green countries mingling at the airport, he said those passengers would be separated in queues and that Heathrow was speaking to the Department of Health to provide a facility for arrival to passengers from countries on the red list.

Mr. Holland-Kaye said the facility could be in place by the summer.


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