‘We have been abandoned’ – Half of clinically extremely vulnerable people in England continue to protect themselves as lockdown lifts – fr

‘We have been abandoned’ – Half of clinically extremely vulnerable people in England continue to protect themselves as lockdown lifts – fr

Most of us crawled through the lockdown this week, emerging on Monday for hug the family and return to the warmth of a pub, but for some people, there is simply no end in sight.

Half of clinically extremely vulnerable people in England said they continue to protect despite the government saying they no longer need it.

And this despite two-thirds of respondents to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey, conducted between April 26 and May 1, saying they were fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Blood Cancer Parish Tania Dineen Says Clinically Extremely Vulnerable People “Have Been Left Behind” by Government

Tania Dineen Parish has been protecting since January 2020, when she began treatment for blood cancer.

The precautions she must take are extreme.

Although his immune system is extremely compromised, catching coronavirus would in all likelihood be fatal.

Tania says she still feels ‘like a prisoner’ and that she ‘always feels forgotten’ as the lock comes up

She told me that she lived in fear of even her own husband. They must eat, sit and sleep in separate rooms.

The life of three-year-old Dylan Jeffs with leukemia is also limited.

As he bravely adapts to a six-month program of chemotherapy, lumbar puncture and bone marrow transplant, he delighted in playing with his diggers in the sandbox when we visited (at strict distance).

Her mother, Rachael Jeffs, 32, said the family was still missing lockdown lifts.

“I’m not celebrating that we can go to a pub or to a football game. It’s not even something we consider ‘

Unlocking the rest of the country made things even more difficult for her parents.

He can now see other children playing in the park and wonder why he can’t participate. There will be no happy family reunions for them.

Some 3.7 million people in England had to protect themselves during the last lockdown.

Of these, it is believed that there are around half a million who have weakened immune systems, either due to the disease they have or the treatment they are receiving, including blood cancers. , kidney and bone marrow transplants.

While the vaccines offer the majority of us a way out of the clutches of Covid, for these patients the vaccine is known to be much less effective.

Rachael says she is taking precautions for her three-year-old son with leukemia in case Covid cases rise again in the country

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Affairs responded to the concerns of those who are clinically extremely vulnerable: “We recognize that for many people who have previously been asked to protect themselves, this continues to be a worrying time.

“We have ensured that those most at risk are given priority for immunization, with 65% of clinically extremely vulnerable people having already received both doses, and continue to make phenomenal progress in immunizing all adults.

“Although the shielding restrictions were lifted on April 1, we continue to recommend that clinically extremely vulnerable people take additional precautions to protect themselves to minimize any risk of exposure to Covid-19.”

The government ended the official shield council last month.

Now it’s up to vulnerable people to decide for themselves what is safe.

For some, like Tania and Dylan’s family, there is no choice.

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