We cannot allow NHS Trusts to prevent patients from obtaining the support of a loved one, writes MP ALICIA KEARNS – fr

We cannot allow NHS Trusts to prevent patients from obtaining the support of a loved one, writes MP ALICIA KEARNS – fr

Did you know that daily medication dosages are set at the dose a man would need? Did you know that the impact of nutrition on pregnant women has been studied using a 100% male cohort?

That pharmaceutical trials are too often composed only of men and so government ministers have stepped in to ensure that COVID-19 vaccine trials are 50% male and 50% female?

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about the risks of vaccines. One in 1000 risk of a blood clot. No, it is not the AstraZeneca vaccine that has a risk of 1 in 250,000, it is the combined contraceptive pill.

Surely this should make the headlines and dominate the discussion in the pubs? Oh, I forgot, this is a risk that only women should take when deciding whether or not to take the pill.

But behind the realization that many women have had in recent weeks – that a common drug could perhaps carry more risk than a life-saving vaccine – there is a larger point: the scandal that the women’s health is frankly second rate.

Given the success of the vaccination program, we cannot allow the NHS Trusts to insist on policies that prevent mothers from having the support of a loved one, says Alicia Kearns (above).

It’s about to change. And rightly so – the government has pledged to put women’s health at the forefront through the NHS White Paper and the Women’s Health Consultation. No government has ever stood up to improve women’s health – so I hope women around the world take this opportunity to have their say.

For months, this diary has given a voice to women who had to live through stillbirths alone, who were alone when they learned that their child had died in the womb or faced a life of complications, and who gave birth. or even given birth, alone.

Our campaign has forced NHS Trusts across the country to stop denying women their partners during scans, procedures and childbirth.

Given the success of our world leading vaccination program, and as we beat this virus, we cannot allow the NHS Trusts to insist on broad policies that prevent mothers, children, cancer, stroke or any other patient to benefit from the life support of a loved one. .

I know this continues, and I understand this pain, because just a few weeks ago, alone in a hospital room, I was overwhelmed to learn that my little girl needed major surgery.

There have been discussions about the risks of vaccines. One in 1000 risk of a blood clot. No, it’s not the AstraZeneca vaccine, it’s the combined contraceptive pill (stock image)

Having been through this, it is heartbreaking to continue to receive messages from people alone in hospital beds or far from loved ones.

The NHS White Paper in the Queen’s Speech last week may change that. He proposes giving the government more powers so it can insist that government guidelines – such as partner presence – be followed and will break through the often impractical bureaucracy that too many patients continue to face.

The White Paper is also accompanied by £ 98 million for maternity care, including new maternal mental health centers; I am particularly delighted that one of them is located in Leicestershire.

For generations, women have lived with a health and care system designed primarily by men, for men. We now have a chance to change that, as the government develops England’s very first women’s health strategy.

No government has ever asked the NHS bureaucracy to improve women’s health, and we all need to make sure our voices are heard to change things for good.

The government survey covers maternity, mental health, education on women’s health issues, the quality of services and the impact of COVID-19 on our health. We each have a little less than a month to have our say.

Because, as our campaign to support mothers has shown, when we raise our voices together, we make our voices heard.

Alicia Kearns is the Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton.


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