was it really necessary to take six touches each time he touched the ball? – fr

was it really necessary to take six touches each time he touched the ball? – fr

Paris Saint Germain couldn’t beat Manchester City in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final on Tuesday night, when they ended up losing 4-1 overall due to a 2-0 defeat at the Etihad stadium.
After their loss in the first leg at Parc des Princes, the criticism was shared by both Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

However, the lack of Mbappe due to an injury on Tuesday night, the responsibility fell solely on Neymar, which received the bulk of the flak.

« Neymar: A genius without ideas ”, we read in the title of Le Parisien.

The newspaper continued to analyze the Brazilian’s performance against Manchester City, calling his performance “uninspired” and “disappointing”.

Jerome Rothen, an old PSG RMC Sport player and commentator, had criticized Neymar after the first leg of the semi-final against City.

“He’s a genius, okay, I’m the first to say it, but when he’s in that state of mind, he loses every other ball and when he’s not making an effort for the team and blaming a young player like [Mitchel] Bakker, who could have played his better half of football in a PSG shirt, this is unacceptable, “said Rothen.

Spoiled by renewal talks

After PSGthe elimination of the Champions League on Tuesday, Rothen was quick to point fingers again Neymar.

“We expected more and I’m the first to criticize it, but you can’t just criticize Neymar. The club want to renew their contract, but I think they have to rethink it ”. Rothen stated on RMC Sport.

“When he plays badly like today, you have to tell him. The sports director [Leonardo] flatters him by talking about a contract renewal. ”

The newspaper L’Equipe did not skimp on criticism of the Brazilian either.

“Against Manchester City, Neymar derailed ”, made the front page of L’Equipe.

“He spared no effort but was too messy and didn’t lead the team like he should have. The n ° 10 missed his opportunity to shine, as in the first leg in Paris.

“As the clock ticked he [Neymar] seemed more and more overwhelmed. ”

A catastrophic match

France Football, who donated Neymar a score of two out of 10, analyzed its performance as follows.

« Neymar, was this a joke? Was it really necessary to take six touches every time he touched the ball? They asked each other.

“The Brazilian showed his dark side against Manchester City and wanted to do everything on his own.

” In the absence of Mbappe he decided that only he could lead PSG to victory, but [he] wasted an astonishing amount of possession and also ended the game [by] sneak up Manchester City players.

“He was supposed to be the leader tonight but was once again swept away by his emotions, Neymar, you were catastrophic. ”


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