WANDAVISION star Elizabeth Olsen reveals length of original contract with Marvel Studios – fr

WANDAVISION star Elizabeth Olsen reveals length of original contract with Marvel Studios – fr

Thanks to the events of WandaVision, The Scarlet Witch has become an integral part of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’s always been a big part of the franchise, but thanks to the Disney + series, much of Phase 4 could revolve around Wanda Maximoff.
We met the character for the first time Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Elizabeth Olsen has now told The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast about how short that first Marvel Studios deal is.

“I signed for two [movies] and a cameo. I have already spent three cycles of contracts with Marvel. I just, like, appetizers or something, they never got me for the big meal again! People sign contracts for six movies, nine movies, I heard ” Olsen continued. ” It’s a lot! And they didn’t really know how far it was going to go. We never knew if we were even going to hit half of the things we did in WandaVision. “

Now, the actress may be looking forward to playing a much bigger role in the MCU, but it looks like she was happy to have this lighter schedule to begin with.

« [It] really benefited me because they keep using me, not because they have to, but because they think there is a story that can be used. And so I always felt p even though I had my own schedule which broke my heart at times – I always felt like they had a plan for me, and didn’t never really let anyone know what this plan was, but I knew they would only use me if it was useful. ”

It looks like Olsen may have missed out on other highly sought-after roles due to her MCU commitments, which could potentially cause her to leave this shared comic book world if he persists. For now, however, his story will continue in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and this is where the stage will be set for what comes next for her… or where her story ends.

Seeing that Wanda only has fair transformed into a scarlet witch, however, we have a feeling that there is a lot more to come from her over the next few years …


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