Volkswagen says Lamborghini is not for sale –

Volkswagen says Lamborghini is not for sale – fr

“Lamborghini is not for sale, period,” said a spokesperson for Audi, the Volkswagen subsidiary that controls the luxury automaker. “Audi AG and the Volkswagen Group [are] do not consider this offer. ”

British publication Autocar reported on Tuesday that Quantum Group had sent a letter of intent to the Volkswagen Group earlier this month, setting out the terms of purchase of Lamborghini.

Quantum Group, an investment firm, said He planned to retain the current leadership of the brand and offered to protect existing jobs for five years, according to Autocar. He also said he would create up to 850 new jobs by establishing an “innovation center” in Germany.

Quantum Group did not respond to a request for comment.

Rea Stark, founding partner of Quantum Group, is also co-founder of Piech Automobile with Toni Piech, the son of former Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech, who oversaw Volkswagen’s purchase of Lamborghini in 1998.. The president of Piech Automobile is the former CEO of Volkswagen, Matthias Müller.

Volkswagen Group (VLKAF) has invested investment dollars in electric vehicles, and there have been questions about whether the company will maintain its huge brand stability amid its transformation. Lamborghini last week said each of its offerings would be at least partially electrified by 2024.

In addition to the Audi and Lamborghini brands, the German industrial giant also owns Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti and Ducati.


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