Victoria Covid case: two people from the northern suburbs of Melbourne “probably” tested positive

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Two people from the northern suburbs of Melbourne have “probably” tested positive for Covid-19, according to health officials in Victoria.

The Ministry of Health was informed of the two probable cases on Monday morning.

The two individuals are believed to be related.

“A full investigation is underway into these findings, and initial public health actions are being taken as the two individuals self-isolate and are urgently retested,” the department said.

“We will communicate any specific public health action that the community needs to take as soon as possible after the case investigations and interviews are completed.”

It follows the publication of a new exhibition site linked to the Wollert case, who was a man in his 30s who tested positive for Covid-19 in Melbourne on May 10 after being quarantined in a hotel in South Australia.

Victoria health officials said on Saturday that an electronic receipt on the man’s banking app showed he was heading to the Woolworths supermarket in Epping on May 8, the day he developed symptoms – but Woolworths has later identified the correct supermarket as the Woolworths in Epping North. Both supermarkets are in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Anyone who attended Woolworths Epping North at the corner of Epping Road and Lyndarum Drive on May 8 between 5:40 p.m. and 6:38 p.m. are required to get tested and self-isolate until they test negative. As of Monday morning, 13 people who frequented the supermarket were identified and 10 returned negative results.

The correct supermarket was identified on Friday after virus fragments were detected in wastewater in the Epping and Wollert area.

Household contacts of the man identified as Wollert’s case tested negative again on Friday night.

Prior to today, Victoria had spent 86 days without any cases of Covid-19 in the community. The Wollert case is not counted as the man contracted the virus in South Africa.

New South Wales recorded two cases of the coronavirus in the community earlier this month.

Previously, Victorian authorities reported that no new cases were reported within 24 hours until midnight last night, with the exception of two cases in quarantine at a hotel. Excluding potential new cases in the northern suburbs, there are currently 10 active cases in Victoria.

To date, more than 370,000 doses of a coronavirus vaccine have been issued in Victoria.

Public health experts have warned that unless the vaccination rate increases, Australia could face a resurgence of Covid-19 cases in winter.

Full details of these exhibition sites are listed on the health service website.

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