Victoria Beckham brings Posh Spice to life as she tucks back into a designer little black dress – fr

Victoria Beckham brings Posh Spice to life as she tucks back into a designer little black dress – fr

Victoria Beckham returned to Posh Spice by slipping into her iconic little black dress.
The pop star turned fashion designer rose to fame for her signature style of simple yet elegant clothing during her early years with the Spice Girls.

She has now delighted fans by going back to her roots and sharing a photo of herself wearing a dress reminiscent of her Posh Spice days.

In the photo, Victoria was seen wearing a little black dress with 1990s-style spaghetti straps as she stood in front of a mirror.

She pulled off her trademark Pose Spice pose and even flashed one of the girl group’s signature peace signs.

She wrote: “Hope you all have a spicy Saturday !! Kisses! “

Victoria Beckham appeared to be embracing her Posh Spice roots in her little black dress

The Instagram post drove Spice Girls fans crazy, with one writing: “Signature chic pose,” and another adding, “Ah the classic little black dress! I still have it! ”

One fan even relaunched one of Victoria’s most famous lines from Spice World The Movie, commenting, “Which one should I wear…

“The little Gucci dress… The little Gucci dress… OR… The little Gucci dress. “

She became known for her simple dresses during her time in the girl group

Victoria even joked about her lack of variety when it comes to her costumes.

Others have shared their hope that Victoria will eventually return to Posh and join the girl group.

One of them wrote: “Hope you get spiced up again Vicky. “

Victoria did not attend the last Spice Girls reunion, leaving Melanie, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Geri Horner to hit the road for the group’s 2019 tour without her.

The former pop star has reportedly decided to focus on her fashion business instead of joining the Spice Girls.

Rumors suggest the group could return again in 2022, but it’s unclear if Victoria could be part of the roster.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria regularly rocked a sober black outfit

Victoria recently spoke of her hello to the Spice Girls and insisted that she didn’t regret any of her looks in the 1990s.

Speaking on Dear Media’s Breaking Beauty podcast, the former pop star said her bold makeup was something of an “experimental journey.”

And I look at the photos and people always say to me, “Oh, do you squeak at any of the photos? ” You know.

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“Am I grinding my teeth at that thick lip liner?” No, it was, it was a trip.

“Am I frowning thin eyebrows?” No, it was a trip and way too much blush, you know, we were working so hard and we were so exhausted.

“There was a time when we were in a different country every two or three days. And the more tired we got, the more and more blush we put on. “


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