Vault of Glass, new weapons – fr

Vault of Glass, new weapons – fr

Destin 2The final season of the season, Season of the Splicer, begins on May 11, and he tasks the Guardians with protecting the final town from the Vex’s advances. The new season runs through August 24 and includes new weapons, new missions and a return to a classic destin raid, Bungie revealed Tuesday.

Season of the Splicer is about the Vex, who directly threaten the last city, one of the last strongholds of humanity. The Vex blocked the sun and threw the city into an endless night. To stop them, the Guardians must team up with Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light, to restore sunlight to the city.

As part of the Season’s Tale, players will have the chance to hack a Vex simulation, courtesy of Mithrax, and complete a six-player matchmaking activity called Override, where they’ll have to steal Vex Codes and uncover their secrets. The season also includes a new weekly summit mission called Expunge, where players can attempt to destroy the Vex network from within.

A few weeks after the season begins on May 22, players can take on the Vex inside the mysterious Vault of Glass raid. The challenges that await players inside the vault include a battle against Atheon, Time’s Conflux.

The glass vault was the original destinIt’s first raid, and diehard gamers always hold it in a very special place in their memories. While the raid is still recognizable to them, it won’t be a direct port. According to Bungie, the new Vault of Glass is actually an updated version of the raid designed to fit better Destin 2, and the expectations that players have of the current game.

Another new feature of Season of the Splicer is the controversial new armor synthesis system, which Bungie revealed last month. Armor Synthesis allows players to customize the appearance of their Guardian with a new transmog system. A new season also means a Season Pass, just like previous seasons; Season Pass holders immediately get the new Cryosthesia 77K Exotic Stasis Handgun when the Splicer Season begins.


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