Vancouver Canucks forward Jake Virtanen named in civil sexual misconduct lawsuit – fr

Vancouver Canucks forward Jake Virtanen named in civil sexual misconduct lawsuit – fr

A civil lawsuit was filed in court less than a month after an allegation of sexual misconduct against Vancouver Canucks Jake Virtanen surfaced online.

A woman has filed a civil lawsuit against Vancouver Canucks forward Jacob “Jake” Virtanen.

The Vancouver Canucks put Virtanen on leave last month after an allegation of sexual misconduct surfaced online.

Lawyer Michael Patterson, who represents the woman, confirms with Glacier Media that a civil lawsuit was filed on Wednesday.

“The case is now before the courts. We have no further comments, ”says Patterson.

The documents were filed in court on May 13. A defendant has several weeks to respond to a civil action and, therefore, Virtanen has not yet been called upon to file a defense.

According to court documents, the alleged sexual misconduct took place in September 2017 when the woman was 18.

Glacier Media spoke to the woman in an exclusive interview in April. For reasons of confidentiality and fear of negative reactions for speaking, she will be referred to as “Emily”. His name is also protected in the civil suit.

The lawsuit alleges that “Virtanen’s actions were reckless, arrogant, bossy, abusive and show a ruthless disregard for the complainant’s wishes,” in its complaint filed today with the court.

Emily also claims she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, nightmares, insomnia and nervous shock following the alleged incident, court records show.

According to the claim, the two agreed to meet and Virtanen allegedly picked her up and drove her to a Vancouver hotel where the team was staying.

The civil complaint alleges that when they entered the room, “Virtanen came up behind the complainant and started kissing her neck and putting his hands all over her body. The complainant allegedly shrugged Virtanen’s shoulders.

The civil action alleges that Virtanen “became more persistent in his attempt to have sex with the plaintiff”.

Emily claims in her court documents that she told Virtanen “no”.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. Virtanen has previously declined to comment on Emily’s claims and he is not required to provide his response to the claim for several weeks.


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