Vacation Abroad Should Be Discouraged To Stop Third Wave Of Covid, MPs Say

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Holidays abroad should be discouraged, even once legal, said an all-party group of MPs as part of a series of recommendations to prevent a third wave of coronavirus and further lockdowns.

As part of the UK government’s roadmap to ease coronavirus restrictions, international leisure travel could resume from May 17.

The ministers confirmed that a traffic light system is to be put in place in which countries will be added to the green, amber and red lists, with different rules regarding issues such as quarantine of returning travelers for each list.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Sunday that details of the traffic light system “will be forthcoming shortly”.

But on Monday, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Coronavirus (APPG) released a report recommending discouraging overseas vacations in light of experts’ concerns over international travel.

“The UK government should discourage all international pleasure travel to prevent the importation of new variants into the UK, to reduce the risk of a third wave and further lockdowns,” the report said, adding that a financial support must be given to the trip. industry. “This recommendation should be implemented immediately and reviewed quarterly.”

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