updates as plane emits “7700 cries” in the sky –

updates as plane emits “7700 cries” in the sky – fr

A Ryanair plane reportedly made an emergency landing at London Stansted Airport this morning (May 28).
Ryanair flight RYR888 informed Stansted Airport traffic control that there was a general but unspecified emergency just before 10 a.m. on Friday May 28.

According to flight tracking websites, the plane took off from Stansted Airport but then circled around before landing again.

Flight tracks also showed that two fire vehicles from the Stansted Airport Fire Department initially witnessed the plane after it landed and taxied off the main runway.

However, it is understood that this is normal procedure for an incident like this and does not necessarily mean that there has been a fire on board.

Before landing, the aircraft’s pilots used the “Squawk” code 7700 which indicates a general but unspecified emergency, according to planefinder.net.

Squawk codes are made up of four digits from 0 to 7 and are used to indicate a number of emergencies. The higher the number, the more serious the incident, with 7777 being the most serious and 0000 the least.

Stansted Airport, Ryanair and local emergency services have all been contacted for comment on the incident.

We’ll have live updates and coverage on this breaking story in the live blog below:


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