unvaccinated ‘will end up paying the price’ – fr

unvaccinated ‘will end up paying the price’ – fr

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Biden’s COVID warning: unvaccinated ‘will end up paying the price’
President Biden pointed out on Monday that for the first time since Coronavirus pandemic swept the nation early last year, COVID-19 cases “are down in all 50 states.”

But in an effort to encourage unvaccinated Americans to get vaccinated, the president warned that “those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.”

And Biden, in the remarks of White House, also announced that the United States will share millions of additional doses of coronavirus vaccines with other countries around the world.

The president stressed that “deaths are down from COVID by 81%” which he said was “their lowest level since April 2020”.

But he warned that “I can’t promise it will continue this way. We know there will be progress and setbacks, and we know that outbreaks could occur. But if the unvaccinated get vaccinated, they will protect themselves and other unvaccinated people in the area. them. “

And the president warned that “if they don’t, states with low immunization rates could see those rates, see this progress reversed.” Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price. serious illnesses, but others may not be if you are not vaccinated. ” CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR TOP STORY.

In other developments:
– The US military intercepted small planes in restricted airspace as Biden was on his way to his home in Delaware.
–Democratic Mayor of Del Rio, Texas blows up White House, AOC as border crisis triggers school lockdowns.
– Dr Marc Siegel: The risks of COVID are fading, but the fear remains – too many people are still caught in the worst case scenarios.
– GOP resolution supports “Israel’s right to self-defense,” omits call for ceasefire.
– Jason Chaffetz calls on Biden to “fire” Dr. Fauci: “His time has come and gone.

Biden’s income plummeted in 2020 as he campaigned for president
President Biden experienced a decline in his income as he campaigned and held the presidency for tax year 2020.

The president and the First Lady reported adjusted gross income of $ 607,336 in 2020, the White House said in a statement on Monday. They paid $ 157,414 in federal income tax and their effective federal tax rate for 2020 is 25.9%.

They donated 5.1% of their total income to 10 charities.

The Bidens reported an AGI of around $ 985,000 the previous year.

As previously reported by FOX Business, Biden and his wife made around $ 15 million in the two years since leaving the White House after Biden’s tenure as vice president. The Bidens’ total income was $ 11 million in 2017 and around $ 4.6 million in 2018.

Donald Trump did not hide that he had lost income during his tenure at the Oval Office.

In 2019, for example, the former president estimated that it cost him between $ 2 billion and $ 5 billion to become president.

“I would have made a fortune if I was just running my business – I was doing it really well,” Trump said at the time. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

In other developments:
–Candidate Biden won millions in the NCAA while arguing against paying players.
–Million-dollar ad campaign accuses Biden of working with black money, teacher unions, to keep schools closed.
– Mike Pence: Biden’s tax plan first for China – Americans come last in the president’s employment plan.
– Politico accused of cleaning up for Biden and teachers’ unions for reporting on “campaign” to reopen schools.

CNN’s Don Lemon slammed for ‘desperate’ publicity stunt after suggesting he quit the network
Ancre CNN Don citron is criticized over what critics have described as a publicity stunt on his future within the network.

Lemon repeatedly teased a major announcement he was going to make on “CNN Tonight” on Friday, even hinting that whatever he announced would be the “end of an era.”

Before shutting down his show, Lemon told viewers that “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” ended abruptly.

“It was really, really great. This is the last night that will be ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon’, ”Lemon said. “So, I appreciate all the years of ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon’. But changes are coming. And I will inform you. “

The announcement sparked a wild backlash on social media, with fans and critics raising alarm bells about what it strongly suggested was a sudden departure from the liberal network.

Soon after, Lemon took to Twitter and assured his viewers that he would not be leaving CNN.

“Everyone calm down,” Lemon said. “I didn’t say I was leaving CNN, I just said it was the end of an era for ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.’ “

He added: “You will have to log in at 10 am Monday to see. ” CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

In other developments:
– The editor of the Daily Beast accuses the Jewish analyst of being “paid by Israel”, denies that Hamas uses human shields.
– Media hypnotized allegedly ‘descendant’ of Robert E. Lee after Charlottesville, WaPo suggests they are unrelated.
– Ali Velshi of MSNBC: “Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is apartheid. Period.’
– Tom Cotton says the Associated Press has “uncomfortable questions to answer” about sharing the Gaza building with Hamas.
–New York Public Radio host Bob Garfield shot the bully ‘model’.
–Dan Crenshaw clashes with NBC’s Chuck Todd on GOP drama: I’m not going to ‘take the bait’ of the ‘liberal’ press.


– UFO reality is no longer a question, it’s a question of who they are: filmmaker.
– Video shows a 4-year-old killed in Dallas being lifted from bed.
– Washington state man uses Second Amendment to save neighbors, police say.
– Mets’ Kevin Pillar punched in the face by a throw, social media reacts to spooky scene.
– TURLEY: Harry and Meghan join the growing American movement against free speech.
– Pelosi extends remote voting amid pushback, new CDC rules.
– ousted Space Force officer says he was “badly portrayed”, received “thousands” of troop notes.

– New Jersey residents face the highest tax burden in their lifetime, study finds.
– Babe Ruth baseball card could hit her out of the park at online auction.
– Prince Harry and Meghan have slammed a new corporate deal.
– The IRS probably won’t audit you this year: here’s why.
– US Airlines may begin weighing passengers at the boarding gate.
– These 21 states are ending unemployment benefits of $ 300 this summer.

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Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Monday claimed Democrats were “slowly but surely” destroying their own chances in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

“Now we see things turn out because as they hurt our economy and our foreign policy, Democrats are slowly but surely destroying their own prospects,” she said on «The Ingraham Angle».

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