Unvaccinated people still at risk as US celebrates Memorial Day weekend without a mask –

Unvaccinated people still at risk as US celebrates Memorial Day weekend without a mask – fr

And while glimpses of normalcy are thrilling to see, a health expert warns that the millions of people who have not been vaccinated may pose high risks to each other.

CNN medical analyst Dr Leana Wen said fully immunized and generally healthy people “should feel very well protected.”

But she offered more critical insight on those who aren’t.

“Those who remain at risk are those who are not vaccinated,” Wen told CNN on Saturday. “And that includes children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated as well as adults who simply have not yet been vaccinated. ”

She added that even though 40% of the country is fully vaccinated, the risk remains high because a large part of the population has still not been vaccinated. While the number of new cases of Covid-19 has dropped dramatically, it also means that “the virus has fewer places to go”.

“And so, unvaccinated people are now always at high risk because we have more transmissible variants, and unfortunately people who are not immune are not protected against these variants which can wreak a lot of havoc,” Wen explained. .

People who are severely immunocompromised and who have received a vaccine may also be potentially at risk, she said.

As of Saturday, more than 167 million people in the United States – 50% of the total population – have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and more than 134 million people are fully vaccinated, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the United States. shows.

The current 7-day average of daily new cases in the United States is 21,627, down more than 22% from the previous week, according to the CDC.

“Come on, get the shot, go to the beach. Very simple. “

As people get out and about over this long weekend, states are jumping at the chance to get more vaccines in the guns.

New Jersey has launched a new program, “Shots at the Shore,” to encourage people to get vaccinated.

People heading to the Jersey coast will have the option of receiving one of three vaccines – Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson – Gov. Phil Murphy said. Young people between the ages of 12 and 15 can be vaccinated with Pfizer.

Vaccination sites are set up at Pier Village, Sandy Hook, Long Branch and Asbury Park from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. on Memorial Day weekend, Murphy said.

New Jersey is one of 10 states that have met and surpassed President Joe Biden’s goal of vaccinating 70% of their population by July 4.

Meanwhile, New York City was also due to post buses at beaches and parks this Memorial Day weekend offering free Covid-19 vaccinations, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Buses were scheduled to Brighton Beach, the Rockaways, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park and Governors Island, to name a few, the mayor said.

“We’re going to go the extra mile, no matter what,” de Blasio said. “You’re going to be seeing our vaccine buses all over New York City for the next few days.

“Come on, get the shot, go to the beach. Very simple. “

Overall, nearly 294 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in the United States, according to CDC data released on Saturday.

The mayor of Miami Beach on the influx of tourists: “The virus is still there”

Travel was in the air this weekend, hitting a pandemic-era passenger record on Friday. About 1.96 million people have passed through U.S. airports, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

“We are reaching 2 million. Please wear your mask, respect the TSA / airport / airline crew, arrive early and be patient! A TSA spokesperson tweeted.

People relax on the sand during the Memorial Day Hyundai Air and Sea Show in Miami Beach, Florida on May 29, 2021.

Some of those travelers made it to Miami Beach, Florida, where Mayor Dan Gelber expressed concern over the influx of tourists to his city this Memorial Day weekend.

Gelber said one of the issues is, “we’re one of the few places that’s open, but we’re also a very attractive destination. So, quite simply, too many people are coming. “

“The virus is still there,” he reminded everyone in a conversation with CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Friday. “The number of people who have come here is unprecedented, and some of them are looking to act in some way. “

The mayor said there would be “a huge saturation of police officers” on patrol over the long weekend.

CNN’s Sahar Akbarzai, Amanda Watts, Mirna Alsharif and Lauren Mascaren contributed to this report.


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