Unvaccinated people are most at risk of unmasking, says CDC director – fr

Unvaccinated people are most at risk of unmasking, says CDC director – fr

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, faced with a backlash over the agency’s new liberalized mask guidelines, offered serious reassurance on Sunday: only unvaccinated people are at risk if they remove their masks .

“If you are vaccinated we say you are safe, you can take your mask off and you are not at risk of serious illness or hospitalization from Covid-19,” said CDC director Dr Rochelle P . Walensky, on “Fox News Sunday. “If you are not vaccinated you are not safe. Please go for the vaccine or continue to wear your mask. “

the According to guidelines released by the CDC on Thursday, there was no longer a need for fully vaccinated people to mask or maintain social distancing in many settings. The change sparked days of public confusion and sparked objections from some local officials and unions, including the country’s largest union of registered nurses. A number of major US retailers have already lifted mask requirements, essentially turning to an honor system that relies on unvaccinated people to keep their masks in public.

During his series of Sunday news broadcasts on major networks, Dr Walenksy revealed a subtle but marked shift in his agency’s focus from community protection towards individual protection. She acknowledged on Fox that “for 16 months we are telling people to be careful, be careful, cases are increasing” and clarified that the CDC’s new bottom line is that individuals can make their own choices.


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