‘Unrecognizable Leonardo DiCaprio’ pictured from Scorsese: Uh, really? – fr

‘Unrecognizable Leonardo DiCaprio’ pictured from Scorsese: Uh, really? – fr

This unassuming image has sparked countless jokes on Twitter.

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The beauty (and the pain) of the internet is that it will always call you if you say something it finds ridiculous. The New York Post experienced this torment after publishing a tweeter Monday that reads: “Leonardo DiCaprio unrecognizable in the first photos of Scorsese’s new film,” next to the image of a guy who really looks like DiCaprio.

The tweet refers to an article in the Post containing the first photos of Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Western, The Flower Moon Killers, which does not yet have a release date. The photos include a photo of a “simple” DiCaprio sitting next to Lily Gladstone in a dining room. A title screenshot posted to Twitter on Monday appears to show he also described the actor as unrecognizable, although the title has since been changed to “Leonardo DiCaprio seen in first photos from new Scorsese film”.

Still, the internet was unwilling to let the post slip for its seemingly flawed observation. In fact, the incident was a perfect opportunity for people to show off their stellar memes-making abilities.

A clever tweet placed the image on a template resembling the online checker used to distinguish humans from robots: “Select all images with a Leonardo DiCaprio. Click verify when there are none left. ”

“No, I can see it: it’s him right there,” one person tweeted alongside a photo of a giant yellow finger pointing at DiCaprio.

Another user took the opportunity to resurface the timeless DiCaprio pointing meme, which shows him playing Rick Dalton in the 2019 film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and enthusiastically pointing at a TV screen. The tweeter captioned the oft-shared image: “Grateful to me. “

Others had fun adding filters that would actually make the actor unrecognizable, like the Zoom chat filter or a mustache disguise.

“It took me about 45 minutes, but I think I am,” an image with a giant red circle above DiCaprio is captioned.

Others sarcastically pointed out the only other person in the photo who could be identified as DiCaprio, zooming in on his female co-star Gladstone. “Wow, that’s movie magic,” one tweet read.

“He must be the person on the left if he’s unrecognizable because the person on the right looks exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio,” one person remarked.

Some did a direct dig at the New York Post, with someone sharing the picture of a refrigerator with several gallons of milk next to the caption, “New York Post: ‘We’re out of milk.’ “

Even Dallas Fort Worth International Airport had a blast, sharing an image of the actor in the 2002 film Catch Me If You Can, with shades and a pilot’s uniform. “Leo DiCaprio seems totally unrecognizable on his first visit to DFW Airport,” the airport wrote.

The Museum of English Rural Life also rang, mockingly tweeting a photo of a sheep with the same caption: “Unrecognizable Leonardo DiCaprio in New Martin Scorcese [sic] film. »

It’s hard to imagine the New York Post knew he was about to inspire a flurry of memes with his tweet, some of which, given the story of Other frequently resurfaced DiCaprio memes, could have lasting power.

“I’ll tell my grandchildren it was Leonardo DiCaprio,” one tweet read.

They will never believe you.


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