Unequal Application of Justice, Law by Administration Should “Scare All Americans” – fr

Unequal Application of Justice, Law by Administration Should “Scare All Americans” – fr

New developments on FISA’s abuses of the Trump campaign are leading Republicans to seek answers and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., Told “Hannity” on Tuesday that every American should be afraid of how the system judicial process is being manipulated.

JOHNSON: I called the Obama administration a lawless administration, it’s in the face of President Obama saying that there was not a sparkle of evidence of a scandal in his administration, but completely bogus. But it’s just a continuation of that. When we see the uneven application of the administration of justice in the law, it should frighten all Americans and we continue to see it.

My last episode which had to do with a briefing I received – Apparently they were looking to give Rudy Giuliani a similar briefing. I suspect, at the time, that it was a complete setup. I’m quite sure, based on how this was leaked to the Washington Post and other publications, it was completely set up to, once again, portray me as some kind of a dupe of the Russia. Nothing could be further from the truth and try to destroy me politically. But that’s what the left is doing. And this is how the press cooperates with the Democratic parties, for which they are essentially the store of communication …

So, again, Democrats skate because the media is an integral part of the Democratic Party. They will cover them. They will explain the problems. But again, and unfortunately our FBI, our Department of Justice is just as biased and they don’t administer justice the same way in this country. And that should apply to all Americans.



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