UK Weather Forecast: ‘Hot Air from Africa’ Could Burn Britain – Heat Blast to Last ‘Several Days’ | Weather

UK Weather Forecast: ‘Hot Air from Africa’ Could Burn Britain – Heat Blast to Last ‘Several Days’ | Weather

UK temperatures may well be above average for “several days” across the country, forecasters say. While forecasters are not entirely sure how warm the weather is, compared to data charts for 1996, which were similar to 2021 so far, forecasters believe a blast of hot air could hit the UK early June. If the forecast turns out to be correct, the UK will be set for above average temperatures in the country.

Commenting on the end of the period between May 24 and June 6, BBC Weather said: “This is where we look at previous years with large scale weather conditions similar to what we are seeing this year.
“The years 2001, 2012 and 1996 are proving to be useful years, 2012 and 2001 being cool and humid while 1996 was marked by a brief heat wave in early June.

“1996 highlights our main risk scenario, which is that the high pressure moves towards central Europe and sends hot African air to the UK from the south.

“This could lead to temperatures well above average for several days.

“There’s maybe a 35 percent chance it’ll develop in early June. ”
Ahead of possible hot weather strikes, BBC Weather said Britain could expect “occasional severe lows from the Atlantic” towards the end of May.

But they added that it “would bring wetter, windier spells with a chance for some heat too.”

In support of the BBC, the Met Office concluded in late May and early June will see drier conditions.

According to WXCharts charts, several parts of the country will experience high levels of rain this weekend.

Indeed, the forecaster’s charts show southwest England and the Midlands experiencing showers on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, the weather front will worsen across much of the country as the strong weather strip spreads to the southeast, north and much of Wales.

Despite heavy rains expected in many areas, temperatures will remain in the teenage lows for southern England.

In Scotland and northern England, the mercury will peak at 10 ° C, with Newcastle recording the lowest temperature.

The BBC’s weather forecast for Friday through Sunday reads: “Friday will be mostly cloudy, with the best sunshine likely in the southwest.

“Showers will develop for the southern and western regions in the afternoon.

“Drier but cooler further north and east. Saturday will see a band of rain moving southwest, and it will be another cloudy day for all with showers developing for much later.

“Sun and heavy showers on Sunday.”


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