UK holidaymakers’ travel plans questionable as Portugal extends lockdown – fr

UK holidaymakers’ travel plans questionable as Portugal extends lockdown – fr

Britual holidaymakers hoping to leave for Portugal as soon as UK travel restrictions are lifted face uncertainty after the national government decided to extend its lockdown.

From May 17, the restriction to ‘stay in the UK’ will be lifted, meaning people will be able to travel to Green List countries, including Portugal.

But guidance published Thursday on the Portuguese government’s website said ministers had approved a decision to maintain “the state of calamity” at least until May 30.
Thousands of British football fans are hoping to travel to the city of Porto for the all-English Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea on May 29.
UEFA had previously confirmed that 6,000 tickets would be made available to each of the finalists, with the final capacity limit at the Estadio do Dragao still to be determined.
Portuguese Cabinet Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva said in a briefing Thursday that she had “no information to give at the moment” when asked if restrictions on travel from the UK would be soon to be lifted.

Dragon Stadium
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“The work is ongoing and as soon as a decision is made it will be announced, but no decision has been taken at this cabinet meeting,” she said.
Ms Vieira da Silva said under current plans for the Champions League final a series of restrictions would apply to UK fans.
In addition to the ticket sales limit, fans will have to fly in charter planes, arriving and departing “on the same day,” the BBC said.
Ms Vieira da Silva described the plans as “a bubble situation”, with fans passing through a separate area of ​​the airport and needing a negative coronavirus test before traveling.


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