UK Eurovision flop is song and staging, not politics, expert says – fr

UK Eurovision flop is song and staging, not politics, expert says – fr

The UK is arrogant to believe that we are the victims of the political vote on Eurovision, says an expert.
James Newman scored draws in Rotterdam on Saturday night, placing us in last place for the second year in a row with his song Embers.

But despite claims that the UK is penalized in the competition after Brexit, Briton Paul “Dr Eurovision” Jordan blames the song Embers itself, “terrible” staging and poor performance.

He said: “Spain haven’t won since 1969. They don’t complain about being hated. It’s arrogant to assume voters care about Brexit or [PM Boris] Johnson.

Maneskin winners of Italy

“They don’t watch UK politics when it comes to Saturday night TV. Do you really think people think, ‘I want to vote for the UK but I’m jealous of their vaccine rollout? “

He added: “If it was political, Israel wouldn’t have won in 2018, and they wouldn’t have qualified this year.”

This year the competition took place in the Netherlands

Israeli participant Eden Alene sang Set Me Free and scored 93 points, finishing 17th.

But Dr Eurovision believes UK applicants are rated higher because of the quality of global UK artists such as Adele and Ed Sheeran.

He explained, “We are judged differently because of our music industry. Why would Vera in Moscow or Shirley in Lithuania vote for something that is not representative of the UK music they hear on the radio? “

Paul thinks we should follow the lead of this year’s hosts, the Netherlands, and take the ceremony seriously every year rather than “flip-flopping” between banter and more serious musicians.

Newman playing between two trumpets

He said: “For 10 years the Netherlands had the same rhetoric – complaining about not qualifying. They stopped blaming others, looked at each other and wrote a decent song. They finally won.

“You have to have three things: the song, the performance and the staging.”

Of James Newman singing between two giant trumpets he said, “That didn’t sound good.”


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