UK Covid Live: Johnson Says England Cuddle Guidelines To Change, Pubs And Restaurants Can Be Served Indoors

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Starting Monday, May 17, Indoor Hospitality can reopen and indoor entertainment can resume, including cinemas, museums and children’s play areas.
Up to six people or two households can meet indoors and up to 30 people outdoors.
Any remaining outdoor entertainment can reopen, such as outdoor cinemas and shows. Some larger events may take place, including conferences, theater and concert performances, and sporting events. The restrictions on the number of participants will remain as defined in the roadmap.
Tips for meeting family and friends will be updated. The public can make informed personal decisions about close contact, such as cuddling, with friends and family. Close contact continues to carry a risk of catching or spreading Covid-19, and people should consider the risk to themselves and to others. Covid’s safety rules remain for the workplace and businesses, such as in shops and hotels.
The transport secretary confirmed that international travel can safely begin to reopen from May 17, allowing people to go on vacation abroad to “green list” countries. Strict border control measures will remain in place, including pre-departure testing and a PCR test on or before the second day of their return to the UK. Face masks will no longer be needed in classrooms or for students in common areas of high schools and colleges. Twice a week home tests will remain to monitor infection rates.
All remaining university students will be able to resume teaching and learning in person starting May 17 and will need to be tested twice a week upon their return.
Up to 30 people will now be able to attend weddings, receptions and memorial events, including revivals, as well as standalone life cycle events. These can take place outdoors or in any indoor Covid secure location authorized to open. The number of people who can attend a funeral will be determined by how many can be accommodated safely in the venue with social distancing in place.
30 people can participate in a support group or a parent and child group. The limit will not apply to children under 5 years old.
Organized sport and exercise classes for adults can resume indoors and saunas and steam rooms can reopen.
Nursing home residents will be able to receive up to five named visitors, and two visitors will be able to attend at the same time as long as they are tested and following infection control measures. Residents will also have greater freedom to leave their homes without having to isolate themselves upon their return.


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