UK Covid Live: Indian Variant Could Put Hospitals Under Pressure Again, Trusted Body Warns

UK’s hostile border regime traumatizes EU visitors

Judy Downey, president of the Relatives & Residents Association, said the inability of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to adapt has left nursing home residents “feeling deprived” of protection and control. .
In a letter to General Manager Ian Trenholm, she said residents were overlooked by the system at a time when they needed it most.
Since the beginning of March, interior visits have been authorized by the government in retirement homes in England. Starting Monday, residents will be able to receive visits from up to five designated loved ones as well as one designated essential caregiver.
They may also leave the house for other visits, such as for a medical appointment, or to visit a day center. But charities such as the R&RA have said too many families are struggling to get the visits the government says it can continue.
She wrote: “The CQC’s lack of action continued to put the elderly in care at risk. They have been neglected by the very system designed to protect their rights. The CQC’s lack of voice and leadership has made the sector even more vulnerable and has resulted in a new lack of confidence in your authority.
“The inability of the CQC to adapt to this changing world has left care users and their families deprived of the protection and control specifically designed by Parliament to protect them.
The R&RA said helpline callers told them about rigid and holistic approaches to visiting, with the essential caregiver role not being implemented, with end-of-life visits only offered. at the very end and visits outside the home can only take place under staff supervision.
Families worried about speaking out, a resident’s wife trying to get more access, a social worker told her to stop rocking the boat for fear of losing the placement, he said. he declared to the CQC. A caller said he had only had two visits throughout the pandemic.
And he said a house was closed for a month after a staff member tested positive, while he was on leave at the time and no other cases at home.
The CQC said it had taken “decisive action” throughout the pandemic, including undergoing more than 7,000 inspections and making it clear to providers that general approaches to visits are unacceptable.


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