UK columnist wonders if Meghan Markle ‘made it’ to CNN after fact check disappeared – fr

UK columnist wonders if Meghan Markle ‘made it’ to CNN after fact check disappeared – fr

A British media columnist asked on Tuesday whether Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, “arrived” at CNN, after an international correspondent’s file disputing various aspects of the Royal’s Oprah Winfrey interview disappeared from their website.

The claim comes just over a month after UK journalist Piers Morgan said Markle complained to a UK regulatory agency about his former employer ITV, following his criticism of ‘Good Morning Britain ”which ultimately led to his separation from the program.

Regarding Winfrey’s interview, British Daily Mail columnist Dan Wootton pointed out that CNN London correspondent Max Foster released a “top notch” report, purportedly debunking many of Markle’s claims against the Royal family.

Foster’s report – 18 days after the Winfrey program – included accounts from former family staff who spoke about how the Windsors worked hard to prepare Markle for his unique and high-profile new life.

The report, Wootton noted, was inserted among many gushing reports about Markle and Prince Harry interviewing and sharing their “truth.”

“The show was so remarkable that I immediately tweeted about it because it was the first indication that left-wing American media could finally shed light on the obvious inconsistencies in the interview,” Wootton wrote on the site. Daily Mail Web.

During the reporting, Foster said there were indeed several reviews pointing to inconsistencies in Harry and Meghan’s account at Winfrey.

The report, dubbed on a chyron “Royal Reckoning”, began with Foster noting that regardless of the “side” of an observer, the discussion of topics such as suicide prevention and allegations of racism is serious and difficult to understand. challenge. It included a series of 7 challenges to the allegations made during the interview.

The criticisms outlined in the now-missing CNN report first included that the Sussexes had chosen Winfrey and CBS to broadcast their interview, rather than honoring an earlier pledge to work with more local or independent media outlets.

Another claim was that Markle had never studied Harry online, although a former friend reportedly said she had always been ‘fascinated’ by the royal family, especially the late Diana, Princess of Wales – as well as a controversial comment about her marriage to Harry three. days before their official ceremony.

This claim was apparently refuted by the Daily Mail which obtained a copy of the marriage certificate.


In his column, Wootton said the potentially damaging report was “erased from history by CNN,” but added that a source from the Atlanta-based broadcaster told him the pullout would not have taken place due to external pressure.

Video reports, he noted, are sometimes suppressed due to third-party copyright infringements or sunset clauses.

But, Wootton added that his sources within the royal family question whether the network “has been scared” by the prospect of upsetting its “waking” audience.


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