Two detectives shot dead and injured in Dublin shooting

Two detectives shot dead and injured in Dublin shooting

A man is in custody after two members of the Garda Siochana (Irish Police Service) were shot and wounded during an exchange of gunfire.

Gardai, responding to reports of gunfire fired at Whitechapel Grove in Clonsilla, west Dublin, around 7 p.m. Tuesday evening, was attacked by a gunman shooting from a house.

The two officers, detectives in their 30s, were both shot in the feet and one was also shot in the hand.

Gardai fired back as they took cover behind a patrol car. The car was hit by several bullets fired by the suspect.

A video posted to social media showed one of the injured police officers being helped to get into an ambulance with his foot clearly injured. Other videos showed Gardai crouching or lying behind the nearest available blanket after the shots.

A massive Garda operation began in response, with specialized armed units cordoning off the area. A Garda helicopter hovered overhead as skilled negotiators spoke to the suspect, who is around 30 years old and known to police.

After several hours of discussions, the suspect threw two firearms, an automatic pistol and another handgun out of the house and agreed to surrender.

Police were called on Tuesday evening after reports of gunfire

The two injured detectives are treated for their non-fatal injuries at Connolly Memorial Hospital in Blanchardstown.

“They are doing well and are with their families,” Chief Superintendent Finbarr Murphy said at a late night press conference.

“These people have families, they went to work today and someone must have made a call to tell them this had happened.

“This is real life, it is difficult but it is very, very important that the community appreciates the work that these guards do and the level of risk in which they expose themselves on a daily basis to protect society.”

Garda commissioner Drew Harris said he wished to “congratulate all the Gardaí involved in the success of this gun incident, in particular the bravery of the two detectives who were first on the scene”.

“It was another example among a long list of examples of Gardaí putting himself in danger to keep people safe. I want to wish them a speedy recovery. “

With Taoiseach [Irish Prime Minister] Micheal Martin condemned the shooting, saying he was “shocked and deeply concerned”.

“This incident in Dublin shows once again the danger that An Garda Síochána often faces in its efforts to protect and serve the people,” he said. “We should always be very grateful for all the work they do daily on our behalf. “

Irish Justice Minister Heather Humphreys praised Gardai’s work. She said that “we can never take for granted their courage and the dedicated service they provide to our communities.”

The minister added that “an investigation into the incident is currently underway and I urge any member of the public with information or images to contact Blanchardstown Garda station”.


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