Two dead in Ferrari crash in Mississauga – fr

Two dead in Ferrari crash in Mississauga – fr

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Neighbors along a strip of causeway near the Credit River in Mississauga call it “Burnhamthorpe Speedway”.

The section of Burnhamthorpe Road. just before Promontory Dr. – near Mississauga Road. – killed two when a westbound Ferrari lost control in a bend around 7.15am.

The sports car slammed into a light standard and erupted into a fireball.

Peel Regional Police Constable. Heather Cannon has confirmed that two occupants of the vehicle died at the scene.

“What we do know is that a vehicle was traveling westbound on Burmhamthorpe Rd. W. and at one point it left the roadway and hit a pole,” she said.

Content of the article

Jeff Derushie, who lives directly across from the scene, said he woke up right after the crash and heard fire trucks coming in.

As he planted his flower beds in his front lawn, Derushie explained that the winding road strip often has cars and motorcycles “coming down Burnhamthorpe” during the day and at night as there is less traffic due lock.

“People call it the Burnhamthorpe Speedway area,” said Derushie. “We hear it more and more at all times of the day.”

Victor Rubio, who lives around the corner from Promontory Dr., came out after hearing the crash and filmed video of the burning vehicle.

“I heard a squeal, maybe it was the brakes, then at the last second I didn’t hear them hitting the curb too much,” he said. “But I heard the RPMs go up in speed when they were in the air, then I heard the landing.”

“What a terrible start to Mother’s Day weekend for someone,” Rubio added.

Peel Regional Police officers and tow truck drivers transport what was left of a Ferrari onto a platform after a violent accident on Burhamthorpe Rd. W. near Promontory Rd., In Mississauga, which killed the two occupants of the sports car on Saturday, May 8, 2021. Photo par Jack Boland /Toronto Sun / Postmedia Network

The crumpled and charred Ferrari, which was split in half, remained under a blue tarp most of the morning as Peel Regional Police officers investigated a major collision.

When two tow trucks arrived to remove the wreckage around 2 p.m., a worker turned the car’s red hood upside down on a platform, revealing the Ferrari ‘dancing horse’ emblem.

Police did not immediately identify the victims.

– With files from Kevin Connor.

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