Twitter Lists Paid ‘Blue’ Subscription Service on App Stores

Twitter Lists Paid ‘Blue’ Subscription Service on App Stores

Twitter has listed a new paid service “Twitter Blue” on app stores, suggesting that the social media company may soon launch its rumored subscription service.

Mobile phone app stores have shown the service, although its expected features do not appear to be available yet.

A subscription plan is long overdue as Twitter looks for other ways to make money from its large user base. In April, the company said it had 199 million users it could make money from every day, a 20% year-over-year increase.

On Apple’s App Store, Twitter lists “Twitter Blue” under in-app purchases for £ 2.49 in the UK and $ 2.99 in the US store. On the Android store, the Twitter listing displays “in-app purchases”, but does not list the prices of the service.

Expected features for the paid service include a “Cancel” button to allow users to recall tweets for a few seconds after they are sent, a “collections” feature allowing users to create separate lists of tweets (rather than relying on to a single bookmark list), and a mode to make it easier to read long threads.

The app listings for Twitter Blue were discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, an independent researcher who is working on discovering app functionality before they are released. On Thursday, she said the service included new color themes and icons.

Charging users for additional features could dramatically increase Twitter’s money-making capabilities. In the first three months of 2021 alone, the company achieved a turnover of $ 1 billion (£ 700 million). Finding other sources of income could also make it less vulnerable to fluctuations in global advertising demand, as well as technological changes such as Apple’s crackdown on tracking its devices.

Twitter, which is run by its founder, Jack Dorsey, has bought out companies in the subscription economy. These included the January purchase of Revue, which offers paid email newsletters, and Scroll, a service that removes advertisements from news websites.

Earlier this month, Twitter introduced a “tip jar” feature, allowing users to make small payments to others through third-party services. The functionality is initially limited to a small number of users.


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