TV host Mariepier Morin apologizes for sexual harassment and racist comments – fr

TV host Mariepier Morin apologizes for sexual harassment and racist comments – fr

MONTREAL – Quebec television host Maripier Morin has asked that her nomination for an award at the Gala Artis be withdrawn following a new controversy in which she is embroiled.

Morin requested it on Sunday evening when he appeared on the show Tout le monde en parle.

On Saturday, La Presse reported that the host made racist remarks and engaged in unsolicited sexual touching and physical assaults against people between 2017 and 2020.

In the spring of 2020, singer-songwriter Safia Nolin accused Morin of sexual and physical harassment.

On Sunday, Morin said she wanted the spotlight on the other four nominees for Best Woman in a Seasonal Drama Series.

She said it “would have been easier” for the organizers to make the decision themselves, as they did last year.

“I welcomed this appointment with a lot of love,” she said. “I was like, ‘Who am I to tell the audience, no you don’t have to vote for me?’ It wasn’t for me to say.

Morin said she thought stepping down was “the best thing to do.”

“There is a great sense of shame in me,” she said, acknowledging that she had hurt people with her behavior and her words.

TLMEP co-host Anais asked Morin if the reports were true. Morin replied that she had completed three weeks of intensive therapy and had attended group meetings in the past year.

She describes herself as an “addicted alcoholic” who realizes that she is “completely overwhelmed with the feeling of being loved at all costs” which creates “a Molotov cocktail” when combined with her “disproportionate ego. “.

“I thought I could do it all,” she says.

Morin said she “deeply regretted” her actions and wanted to apologize directly to those she hurt.

“Apologizing here is a bit easy,” she said. “You have to make amends face to face so they can see the path I have taken. My apologies will be sincere. “

“The girl who drank heavily, do you think I’m proud of her?” Do you think I like it? she said in tears. “Today I am able to look at myself in the mirror. I am capable of loving the woman that I become. The rest is out of my control.

As for her racist comments, she said they were “unacceptable”.

“There is no circumstance in which you can make a funny racist joke. Today I understand this.

Morin expressed hope that her career is not over, saying she has “the right” to practice her profession and that “there is something healthy about rehabilitation”.


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