Trump’s obsessive desire for revenge begins to frustrate close allies, report says – fr

Trump’s obsessive desire for revenge begins to frustrate close allies, report says – fr

    Les proches alliés de Donald Trump ont déclaré au Washington Post qu'ils souhaitaient qu'il travaille pour protéger les politiques de son mandat plutôt que de garder rancune.
    <ul class="summary-list"><li>L'obsession de Donald Trump de se venger frustre ses proches alliés, a rapporté le Washington Post.</li>
  • Trump’s allies have said they would like him to work to protect his policies and help the GOP instead.
  • The ex-president has become increasingly vocal after the first several weeks of keeping a low profile.
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  • Former President Donald Trump’s close allies are increasingly frustrated by his obsession with getting revenge on people he says wronged him, according to a Washington Post report.

    Republican leaders and Trump’s allies told the Post they wanted him to work to protect his administration’s policies and help the GOP in 2022 instead of wasting his time on “petty rivalries and grievances.”

    The report cites interviews with 13 former White House officials, advisers and allies, most of whom have requested to remain anonymous.

    “All the 2022 stuff is, ‘Well, what’s in it for me? A former senior White House official told The Post, summarizing Trump’s current state of mind.

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    Several former White House advisers told the Post that Trump is desperate to stay in the center of national attention. According to The Hill, social media discussions about the former president have fallen by about 91% since he was banned from Facebook and Twitter.

    The ex-president is also trying to maintain full control over the Republican base while planning his revenge to take down Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach him for inciting the Jan.6 riot on Capitol Hill.

    He also continues to harbor false claims that the election was stolen, and in recent weeks he has become obsessed with Arizona and Georgia after those states turned to President Joe Biden in the election. November.

    President Trump’s resort town in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.
    Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald / Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

    The sources also claim that Trump is still so obsessed with his electoral defeat that he refuses to move forward with plans for his presidential library. Another report earlier this year claimed he told GOP donors he wanted to raise $ 2 billion for the library, which he plans to build in Florida.

    While Trump had previously hinted at a presidential election in 2024, no official announcement has yet been made.

    Two councilors told the Post that if he ran, the announcement would not be expected until after the midterm elections.

    p data-el = “text”> His indecision about his own race is another reason the Allies have become “frustrated” in recent weeks, according to a CNN report last month. According to the report, the fear of the ex-president is to waste his chance to “take control of the GOP from the start”.


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