Trump issues scandalous statement targeting Morning Joe host and his ‘blood-curdling psychopathic wife’ –

Trump issues scandalous statement targeting Morning Joe host and his ‘blood-curdling psychopathic wife’ – fr

Donald Trump unleashed another savage attack on the hosts of the MSNBC breakfast show, Morning joe.
At the end of Tuesday’s edition – co-hosted by Joe Scarborough and his wife Mika Brzezinski – the former president wrote on his blog: “Crazy Joe Scarborough and his blood-curdling psychopath (?), Mika, are becoming crazy because their ratings have absolutely TANK.

“They get it wrong too often and are always predictable. They were right about me in 2016, but I did better in the 2020 election with 12 million more votes. Stay tuned! “

While Mr Trump did not specify what triggered it, his anger likely stemmed from a segment in which Scarborough suggested the former president was responsible for Republicans’ losses in the House and Senate, after which he suggested he was not a viable future candidate. for the party.

“The more Republicans lose, the more a cult of personality Donald Trump seems to develop,” said Scarborough, a former GOP congressman. “You can look at his losses in 17. You can look at his losses in 18 – historic losses. I mean, Republicans lose like they’ve never lost before in the House of Representatives, just as much as pure, pure vote totals. [In 2019] they started losing governors in the south, then in 20 they lost the great race, lost the race for their presidency, lost Georgia, lost the Senate, lost the House.

Brzezinski intervened, saying the GOP had “all evidence of a serious cult” built around Mr. Trump.

Scarborough went on to say that “rational parties” “will self-adjust and start electing candidates who can be elected.”

He suggested that Mr. Trump was not “that guy”.

“He’s just not that guy, and we’ve seen time and time again that he, in many cases, puts people in a difficult position to win elections,” he said.

Mr Trump followed his Tuesday morning attack on the Morning joe hosts by posting several posts citing polls that detailed the large number of Republican voters who still support him and believe his lies about the 2020 election.

It is not the first time that he insults the presenters. In 2017, he wrote in the form of a series of tweets calling Brzezinski “Crazy Mika with low IQ” and claiming that she “was bleeding a lot from a facelift” on a New Years Eve party.

At the time, even Republican senators – including Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and James Lankford – criticized the explosion.

The former president is still arguably the biggest name in the GOP, but even still, his relevance online appears to be waning.

Analysis by Le Washington Post found that Mr. Trump’s internet popularity had fallen to its lowest level in five years, with his own blog less popular than sites like Petfinder or the online recipe site Delish.

According to the report, Mr. Trump’s blog – which has been touted as his big comeback after being banned from social media giants Twitter and Facebook – averages less than 2,000 visitors per day.

This number represents a significant drop from his previous engagement on social media, when tens of thousands of comments, likes and shares were attributed to his Facebook posts.

Mr Trump’s team is apparently working on a project called “Trump Media Group,” which allegedly includes its own social media platform. However, Mr. Trump has been saying this for some time, so it’s impossible to say if anything will actually come from the project.

The former president has announced his intention to resume organizing his MAGA gatherings over the summer.


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