Trump and legal team approached about Giuliani’s legal fees – fr

Trump and legal team approached about Giuliani’s legal fees – fr

Trump was recently told directly by Giuliani’s associates about the increase in debts incurred by his former personal lawyer, a source told CNN. Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello, has also raised the issue in recent days with Trump’s attorneys. Asked about the responsiveness of the former president’s legal team, Costello replied, “No comment.”

One of the loudest is Giuliani’s son Andrew, who worked at Trump’s White House and told CNN: “The nut could crack in the next 36 hours. He called on Trump to “take the lead on this one,” adding, “He can be the hero.”

“Once President Trump realizes that his senior lawyer has not been compensated, he will resolve this issue very quickly,” Andrew Giuliani said Wednesday.

Andrew Giuliani said his father was reimbursed for travel expenses incurred after the 2020 election, when he traveled to Arizona and other states to argue in court for electoral fraud lawsuits. He said his father was not paid for legal services, however.
“Legal fees with him fighting to keep his law license in New York and fighting the Southern District (of New York) on what I think are false charges, which should be compensated,” he said .

The New York Times was the first to report on the ex-president’s exhortation to help.

Trump is currently sitting on a substantial pile of money his campaign operation raised in the weeks following the November election as they solicited contributions for their so-called Election Defense Fund. A significant chunk of the funds eventually went to Trump PAC leadership, Save America, which has so far prevented the use of funds to cover Giuliani’s growing legal fees.

Spokesmen for the former president have yet to respond to the request for comment. A lawyer for Trump also declined to comment on Giuliani.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik posted on social media an appeal for funds raised by Republicans for legal battles following the election.

Kerik told CNN that his longtime friend and colleague “worked for the campaign and the RNC and should be compensated instead of ignored.”

“As a result of the mayor’s service to the president and to the country, he has been inundated with frivolous lawsuits and a criminal investigation,” Kerik said. “He has to answer that and in doing so it will cost him a minimum of a few million dollars.” “

Kerik said Giuliani never asked him to lobby publicly for compensation, but said he confronted Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel months ago over Giuliani’s compensation, but the former New York mayor has still not been paid.

“My problem is not with the president,” he said. “My problem is with the campaign, the people who ran the campaign and the people who run the RNC. “

Responding to Kerik’s comments, an RNC spokesperson told CNN: “Rudy Giuliani never worked for the RNC and he never acted on our instructions. ”

Kerik, who said he talks to Giuliani every day, said the former mayor “is doing well” but is frustrated with the upcoming lawsuits and the ongoing criminal investigation because “meeting these costs costs money ”.

This story has been updated with comments from an RNC spokesperson.

CNN’s Kara Scannell contributed to this report.


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