Trudeau gets voters leeway to slow down –

Trudeau gets voters leeway to slow down – fr

Justin Trudeau starts at outline a plan to reopen the US border, but Canadians do not seem willing to rush it. And when the trip resumes, they overwhelmingly agree that proof of vaccination should be required.
Nearly half of respondents to an Angus Reid Institute poll released Wednesday said the world’s longest undefended border is expected to remain closed until at least September. More than three-quarters said they would support a vaccination passport.

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48% of Canadians don’t want the U.S. border open until at least September

Source: Institut Angus Reid

Canada’s border with the United States has been closed to most non-essential traffic for more than a year to limit the spread of Covid-19. But with the acceleration of the Liberal government’s vaccination campaign, Trudeau is facing calls from business groups and main opposition conservatives for a concrete reopening plan.

As the Prime Minister considers whether to call an election in order to regain his parliamentary majority, the politics of the calendar are essential. “Former Conservative voters are much more likely to advocate an ‘open it sooner’ stance than former Liberal or NDP voters,” Shachi Kurl, chief executive of the Vancouver-based polling firm, said via email.

“But however you vote, people want to travel again. If you are one of the millions of Canadians who work in the hospitality or tourism industry, you want to get back to work and see visitors coming back, ”she said.


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