Trans assault lawsuit against Rosario Dawson dismissed –

Trans assault lawsuit against Rosario Dawson dismissed – fr

In the Dedrek Finley v Rosario Dawson case, the court completely dismissed the charges against Dawson, but what that will ultimately mean remains to be seen.

In 2019, Dedrek Finley accused Dawson and his family of abuse and discrimination, “including physical assault and anti-trans slurs such as deliberate gender abuse.” Finley was also, apparently, a friend of the family, to whom the family had promised “full-time work and accommodation nearby and without rent”.

When Finley spoke to OUTSIDE magazine, he said that when he came out in the family with his new name and new pronouns (he / him / her), they were not in favor of the change.

“With Isabel, it was like, ‘Are you sure?’ Says Finley. “I was trying to be positive about it. I felt like it just wasn’t celebrated at all. It was flat. And it was like a burden.

In the months since her release, Finley claims her gender has been repeatedly denigrated and looked down upon by members of her family. While working on the family property, he claims Rosario’s father was yelling in his face saying ‘a man wouldn’t work like that’ and ‘you only think you are a man. “

Dawson spoke about the allegations in an interview with Vanity Fair following all the controversy surrounding her role as Ahsoka in The Mandalorian and denied any accusation that she was transphobic towards Finley.

“Well, first of all I just want to say I understand that and why people were worried and are worried. I would be too if I heard some of these statements. But I mean, as we’re seeing right now in the last few months, and just recently, in fact, the truth is coming out. Every discrimination complaint has been dismissed by the person who made it, and as you said, the fact that it came from someone I have known since my teenage years, the best part of my life and who my life is. family was trying to help as we have done many times in the past it makes me really sad. But I still have a great empathy for him.

That will be difficult. For a lot of people.

A lot can be true at the same time: we’ll never know what happened in the details between Finley and Dawson. Finley is a trans man and therefore a marginalized person, and Dawson is an Afro-Latina woman and her family is vulnerable as well. Money, race, and gender are all mixed together in this dynamic, making it difficult. We want to believe victims, and the justice system will not always be a place where victims get justice.

But what else do we have?

For people in the trans community, that doesn’t solve anything, and whatever, they lose. If Finley lies or exaggerates, it hurts all victims and has tainted Dawson’s reputation which will likely never go away. If Dawson did what she was accused of, it shows how her position allowed her to evade justice. Everyone loses.

(Going through Vanity Fair, image : Disney)

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