Toronto family devastated by COVID who claims the life of a chef – fr

Toronto family devastated by COVID who claims the life of a chef – fr

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A family in Toronto has been wiped out by COVID-19.

Everyone in the Piazza family fell seriously ill: Mum Teresa Piazza was intubated and unconscious for weeks before she started to recover.

The family let him regain his strength for a bit before announcing that his only son had died from COVID.

Aspiring chef Frank Piazza, 30, died on April 11.

No one in her family could attend her funeral – her mother was on the verge of death in hospital and her father, Albert, pregnant sister Sylvia and partner Joshua were also hospitalized with COVID-19.

Her mother, Teresa, just heard the news from Frank three weeks later.

Frank’s uncle Tony Piazza has taken care of the funerals and has held things together as the family continues to recover.

Frank’s parents will be transferred to Providence Healthcare for rehabilitation over the next few weeks; her sister has had her baby, they are safely home with her partner.

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“It should be a wake-up call for everyone,” a grieving Tony Piazza said on Sunday.

“It was devastating for our whole family. If people aren’t careful, this is the kind of thing that can happen to any family. “

But the Piazzas were careful. They followed security protocols at all times. However, the five adults all lived under the same roof, so when one of them got COVID, they all ended up getting it.

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The only benefit, Tony Piazza said, is that everyone is recovering now and should survive.

And the new baby – his middle name is Frankie – is healthy, adorable and a sign of hope for the family too, he said.

Now the family just wants to help raise awareness of how deadly COVID can be.

“People should know this is not a joke. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Follow all protocols. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your mom.

They liked Frank a lot, says Piazza. Everyone did it.

“My brother, Albert, never used to say ‘I love you’, but since he’s been in the hospital he ends the conversation by saying, ‘I love you, Tony.’

« Because you never know if you’re going to see your loved ones again. It is heartbreaking.

Frank Piazza was an extremely popular staff member at the Fabbrica restaurant in Don Mills and had worked there for eight years before the business closed during COVID.

Fabbrica CEO Abby Rubiales described Frank as a kind, gentle man who loved to cook and was known to sing and dance in the kitchen.

Rubiales organized a GoFundMe campaign – Piazza Family Fund – to help her family through this devastating series of health events.

“Without trying to sweeten it, he was just a big guy with an even bigger heart,” Rubiales said.

“The Piazza family is completely empty.”


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